Thursday, October 30, 2008



Someone please explain to me why Pro-lifers get to be called any more than pro-fetus? They are in fact not pro-LIFE, that would involve being pro-universal healthcare, pro-living wage, anti-war, anti-death penalty, pro-gun laws (not banning, just restrictions to prevent violence)….in my experience they might be some of these things, but if you really want to call yourself pro-LIFE, you have to be all of them. In reality, the pro-lifers, are anti-abortion – they are one issue, and that makes them pro-group of cells in a woman’s body. I would hazard to say that the real Pro-lifers are liberals, progressives who thing that all people deserve and equal shot, and if they mess up, or catch a bad break, then we should lend a hand.

And, I heard this sanctimonious Catholic scholar/spokesman/representative (?) on NPR this morning, talking about how he was anti-choice because he believed in the equality of the whole human race. Oh really guy? Because I don’t see you lining up to support gay rights, or the fair pay act, or the priesthood for women- those are all equality issues too. So really, say what you want, but say what you mean. Because you don’t mean that woman are equal to men, and you don’t mean that gays should have the same rights as heteros. You don’t.

Speaking of wackos,John McCain has been running around A LOT in Pennsylvania. He thinks that he can swipe this blue state away from Obama. He is deluded. The pollster average shows Obama up by 11 in PA – the most recent polling indicates that Obama is up by 12, 14, 9, 7, and 11 (in order, (Quinnipiac, AP Marist, Insider Advantage, Rasmussen, Muhlenberg). Just look at the pollster graph:

There is not a race here. John McCain will not close this gap. And yet, the media, along with McCain insists that this is a battleground state. If that were the case, then we would need to take states that McCain is winning by less than (the pollster average) 11% and call it a battleground. Let’s see, that would include such bastions of Republican Red as Montana, North & South Dakota, Georgia, Mississippi, and OOPS!

Recent polling in Arizona indicates a significant tightening to the presidential race here in McCains HOME state.

This should be HUGE news, if Obama was winning IL by only 6% we would be hearing nothing but that (he’s currently winning IL by 25%). Just another example of “it’s ok if you’re a republican.”

Moreover, McCain is doing robo-calls in his own state. He may lose Arizona – what a huge slap in the face! And all the media can talk about is how Pennsylvania is a battleground, NO. IT’S. NOT.

Sidenote. Thank GOD, my staging location on election day has wireless internet. I will not be without information from the world on one of the most important days in American history. The space itself is actually pretty cool – I just have to figure out what to do with it, and what the hell I am doing. I’ll be commanding an army of 150 volunteers. Better get my plan together… by tonight.


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