Monday, October 13, 2008

Dear Ellen

Everyone, below is my open letter to Ellen regarding Prop 8 in California. Prop 8 will strip gays and lesbians of our recently won right to marry. The initiative is being heavily funded by the conservative right-wing. Please read, and if you can, donate to the Courage Campaign. If nothing else, please pass this on.


Dear Ellen,

We are losing in California. Despite being the capital of Gay USA, despite being a liberal bastion, despite the thousands of gay couples that have already been married, despite California's historical propensity of saying no to all manner of Propositions, despite all this, California is turning on us. The polls have switched and the pro-Prop 8 campaign has a $10 million dollar advantage, funded by conservative right-wing coffers.

In these hard economic times, everyday people have raised thousands of dollars to defend marriage equality, but it's not enough. We cannot raise enough – we need you.

Ellen, we appreciate your words of support on your blog, but we need more. We need you and everyone you know to donate money - lots of it - to the Prop 8 opposition. So goes California, so goes the country. We won recently in Connecticut, but it's not enough. If we lose in California, it will set equality back a decade.

Ellen, we loved when you married Portia – it brought smiles to the faces of everyone I know, from my gay friends to my grandmother. Everyone should have the right to marry the person that they love. I'd like to marry my girlfriend too, but if Prop 8 passes, there will be no reason for us to take the trip to California in May.

I beseech you. Prop 8 must not pass. Though your voice is appreciated, your words kind, it is your influence that we need most. Hollywood has put up $250,000 in support of marriage equality, but the conservative right-wing has millions and millions more.

Ellen, please put your money where your heart is. Please put your influence where your beliefs are. Please defend the dignity of you, and me, and people everywhere. Though gay marriage does not demean the institution of marriage, denying this right to gays does.



*The Courage Campaign is spearheading the effort to defeat Prop 8.


Blogger ms. lee of the lemon drops said...

Defining marriage as between one man and one woman is not taking away anyone's rights. The definition simply distinguishes a union that is biologically capable of producing its own children. Whether a married couple has children or not, I feel like this deserves a separate name--even the potential is kind of a miracle.

Actually this definition can be seen as the ultimate expression of equality our society has to offer: it takes one man and one woman. One could see a lesbian union as a marginalization of men, or a homosexual union as a marginalization of women.

Equality is especially important when it comes to raising children. Children deserve/need a father and a mother. Neither parent should be marginalized.

Yes, many children are already growing up in single-parent homes. Prop 8 should be a reminder to everyone that as a society we need to assist and strengthen families as much as possible. Really, as a society we should be most concerned with the success and health of our families.


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