Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Well, we’ve now had two presidential debates, one VP debate and the longest campaign season in history. How can anyone still be undecided? On NPR this morning, I heard a bunch of undecideds – “I want to see the next debate” “I’ll keep researching” etc etc. WHAT are you talking about? Look at the issues, it’s pretty clear cut. Here, I’ll help.

Healthcare - Universal
Taxes - 95% get a tax break
Iraq - bring them home
Economy - help the middle class
Change - The change we need.

Healthcare - Tax employer benefits
Taxes - Continue Bush cuts for the Rich
Iraq - stay forever, bomb bomb bomb Iran
Economy - Economy is fundamentally strong
Change - BUSH

See, it’s easy. Oh, and more about you crazy undecideds. I was watching the debate on CNN last night because I love the audience dials. Basically, CNN gives ~25 undecided voters a dial, when they like something one of the candidates says, they spin it up, when they don’t like it, they spin it down. Sounds simple, but the effect is mesmerizing. Ok, so at one point when Obama was talking about healthcare, the women’s line was maxed out at the top for a good 30 seconds. Most of the rest of the time, the line was very positive for Obama and mostly flatlined for McCain – clearly the ~25 liked what Obama was saying. BUT when asked who they would vote for, a majority picked McCain. WHAT is going on here? Racism much?

And McCain last night, trying to weasel his way out of the “bomb bomb bomb Iran” charge, said that he had been talking about Iran to one of his veteran friends. WRONG. You sang bomb bomb bomb at a campaign rally, and there’s video of it. Lying in the age of YouTube is just stupid.

And et tu NPR? When talking about how both campaigns have gone negative and are playing the associations game, NPR mentioned the debunked relationship between Obama and Ayers, and then said “The Obama campaign has also tried to associate McCain to Charles Keating.” And they said it in the same breath as Obama and Ayers! Here’s the problem with that – Obama and Ayers sat on the board of a charity group together, that’s all. You should know the name Keating from the Keating FIVE scandal. MCCAIN WAS ONE OF THE KEATING FIVE. It’s not “playing the associations game” to link McCain to Keating. He was one of the five! He was reprimanded on the floor of the Senate for his involvement. He confessed! There is no similarity between attempting to link Obama to a domestic terrorist and pointing out that McCain was one of the Keating Five. Ridiculous.

And, I think that there is kind of a big difference between pointing out things that are true, and making shit up. So when you hear on the news that the campaigns have both gone negative, just remember, the Obama campaign is just pointing out things that are damaging, but true about McCain, whereas the McCain campaign is just making shit up.

And negative isn’t working for McCain. Fivethirtyeight now projects Obama to win 345-192. pegs Obama at 320-163, with 55 electoral votes in “Toss Up”. At the very least, I expect Obama to win out of those toss ups, Missouri (new Rasmussen poll puts Obama +3 in MO), Indiana and Nevada – which would give him a win of 347-190. Gobama! AND he could still pick up North Carolina and Virginia. Incidentally, the margin in WEST VIRGINIA is about 4%. WEST VIRGINIA! AND, in Georgia, though Obama trails by 10% in the pollster composite, he’s been posting HUGE voter registration numbers, if he can pull them all in, he might make a run for 375 electoral votes- 375+ considered a landslide. (Note: fivethirtyeight has three newer GA polls that put McCain’s lead at between 6%-8%.)


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