Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Ok, first things first. Adventures will be getting a facelift sometime in the near (cross your fingers) future. As of last night, I got my hands on adventuresincubeland.org and soon (cross your fingers), we’ll be moving over there. Anyway, we are here for now, so keep coming.

Here we go, so we all know about the rape kit story (Wasilla, under Palin was the only town to make rape victims pay for their own rape kits.), two new-ish things, well three.

1. Palin’s budget actually cut funding for the rape kits. As in, Wasilla use to pay for them. Then Palin came to town, and suddenly rape victims had to pay for their own rape kits.
2. There is speculation that the reason that the funding was cut for rape kits is because the kits contained emergency contraception, and Palin doesn’t believe in contraception, likening it to abortion.
3. Palin’s anti-choice nature is so strong that she protested at an abortion clinic.

We do not want this woman possibly running the country. If you believe in women’s rights, and women’s choice, then women’s freedom from the laws of old white men, and the freedom over their own bodies, you must vote Obama. There is no other option.

Speaking of crazy, have you seen these stickers floating around?

That’s right, that’s a big “O” for Obama, and evil, devil, anti-christy looking horns. There are actually people that believe that Obama is the antichrist – and all I have to say is areyoufuckingkiddingme?! Now, I’ve said a lot of things about bush and his administration, I’ve probably even called him the devil, or evil. But I’m pretty sure I’ve never said that he is LITERALLY the Anti-Christ. Who as these fucking people?

Last time I checked, Jesus Christ wanted to tax the rich, feed and educate the poor and treat everyone as you would want to be treated. Yeah, Obama sounds like he would be diametrically opposed to all of that. I’d say that you have to look no farther than the GOP to see people that are opposed to a great many of the teachings of Christ, oh and even the ten commandments. (and then they call themselves Christians.)

How about remember the Sabbath? Don’t so much do that one anymore. How about you shall not commit adultury? No? John Mccain? No? ok, how about you shall not steal? No? GOP much? You shall not covet your neighbor’s house (or oil). What? No? never. And here’s a biggie, THOU SHALL NOT KILL. Huh, that’s seems like a hard one to swallow for all those evangelical republicans, that hold in their same party, neo-conservative hawks and those that want to hurry on the End Times. How about the death penalty, doesn’t fit so well with Jesus’ peace and love teachings, does it?

So remind me again who the ANTI – Christ is?

Here’s a great image that’s circulating the internets – tell me again who the elitist is? Is it the guy with a fleet of 10 cars, 3 neighborhood electric vehicles, 1 jet and (at least) 8 houses, or the guy with one house, one spouse and one car? Painting democrats as elitist is one of the biggest hoaxes the GOP has been lucky enough to perpetuate on the American people.

Meanwhile, CNN pulled its coverage of Sarah Palin meeting world leaders today, after the McCain campaign refused to allow any reporters other than a tv crew and photographers – can’t have sarah getting caught on camera saying something stupid. This is of course the woman, who has been campaigning for 4 weeks and has yet to give a press conference. So, thanks CNN! You did good today.

Ok, so the Obama campaign has pledged to knock on 100,000 doors this coming Saturday in a truly massive canvassing push. If you, or anyone you know can help, we would really appreciate it. Like Jeff Smith said, you do not want to wake up on Nov 5th to find that Obama lost MO by 600 votes.

Now, there’s a rule in canvassing, you have to talk to 12 people to swing one vote, and you have to knock on roughly 5 doors, to even talk to 1. So that means, that a person who knocks on 50 doors, talks to 12 people and swings one vote. Go canvassing once, and you can double your voting power – in MO that could mean huge things. So, the Obama campaign is knocking on 100,000 doors this weekend, we need your help.

And, I’ll be taking off November 4th for the election, not sure what I’ll be doing yet, but I’ll be involved somewhere, and I do fully intend to have an election night party, but it’ll have to be a little later in the evening as I have a volleyball game. I’ll keep everyone posted.


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