Thursday, September 18, 2008

The crash of Palin and the stock market.

Go here and look at a graph of the stock market.

John McCain wants to privatize Social Security, which means putting it in the stock market. The same stock market that has dropped 800 points in the last six days.

At her first town hall, Palin took a question from the crowd:

Asked for "specific skills" she could cite to rebut critics who question her grasp of international affairs, she replied, "I am prepared."

"I have that confidence. I have that readiness," Palin said. "And if you want specifics with specific policies or countries, you can go ahead and ask me. You can play 'stump the candidate' if you want to. But we are ready to serve."

GOP presidential nominee John McCain stepped in, pointing out that as governor of a state that is oil and gas plentiful, Palin was familiar with energy. She knows it to be "one of our great national security challenges," he said.

He also cited her nearly two years as commander of Alaska's National Guard. "I believe she is absolutely, totally qualified to address every challenge as the next vice president of the United States," McCain said.

Because asking a candidate for anything about their specific skill set is off limits and uncouth.

perhaps due to all of the vetting that has been going on in the media and on the blogs, Sarah Palin’s favorability ratings have CRASHED harder than the stock market in the past week.

On 9/11, she was polled at 52% approve and 35% disapprove. One week later, 9/18 she was polled at 42% approval and 46% disapproval. That’s a net drop of 21%. So if I could stop hearing in the media how she is such a great pick and she’s so popular and she’s a “celebrity,” that would be great.

Oh and that question that she took at a that town hall? They aren’t going to go away. Shockingly, people are going to continue to ask her questions and if the best she can come up with is “I have that confidence. I have that readiness” and “in what respect, Charlie,” then I will have been proved right, Sarah Palin is like Christmas for Democrats.

Meanwhile if I could stop hearing things that are Democratic, such as policy or administration, as “Democrat policy” and “Democrat administration,” that would be great. Because I know that you think that you are clever and that by leaving of the “ic” you get to emphasize “rat” in Democrat. But you just sound stupid, it would be like saying “republic policy.” You sound like an idiot.

I can’t stand undecided voters. How are you still undecided? This election is about nothing less than the fate of the Supreme Court. How can you be undecided. The two candidates are very different. They have different views on almost every issue. How can you not know? Where have you been? Here’s all you need to know, Democrats will always err on the side of Human Rights and Human Dignity. Republicans will always err on the side of Corporations and Greed. It’s just that easy.

And for all you evangelical voters, Jesus Christ would have been a Democrat. Suck on that one for awhile.

And for all you women’s rights voters, all you so-called Hillary supporters that are thinking of voting for McCain or not voting at all, the SUPREME court hangs in the balance. This is not a time to sit it out. It’s all hands on deck, or we may lose the progress that has been made on women’s issues over the years. You cannot be a feminist and vote for McCain, it’s an absolute. You cannot have been a supporter of Hilary and vote for McCain. You just can’t.

Here’s a simple way to trip up someone who is arguing that they have never heard of Obama while he was a state senator. Have them name theirs. IF they can, have them name something that they have done. They’ll have nothing. Meanwhile, Obama sponsored 823 bills while in the IL Senate – covering everything from a constitutional amendment for universal healthcare in IL to a bill that would ban nearly all gifts by lobbyists.

Meanwhile, in the sunny state of California, the haters are trying to get gay marriage banned after it became legal only a few short months ago. Brad Pitt did his part recently to make sure that wouldn’t happen – donating $100,000 to gay marriage advocates. I loves me some Brad.


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I am commenting on this blog from my bed on my new touch. Go Obama!

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