Wednesday, September 03, 2008

hypocrites part 3

So, remember how all we heard about at the DNC was how there were deep divisions in the Democratic Party. Oh the Clinton voters and the Obama voters could never get along. We heard about it every bleeping night, and they trotted out the same four people that actually espoused that view. every night.

so, now the RNC is in full swing and yet, we don't hear anything about GOP disunity. Despite the fact that Ron Paul - who won sizeable numbers during the primary season - is holding a counter convention in Minneapolis that drew 15,000 people. why that's twice as many people as live in Wasilla, AK. hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. by Huckabee's logic, that means he should be the VP nominee.

(Note: when looking of this story on Google News, the number one news outlet was Thanks American Media.)


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