Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Some RNC thoughts

Ok, above is, no joke, the logo for the RNC. That's right, a drunk, wide stance, jail stripe elephant, f*cking 2008. You can't make this up.

Huckabee - Sarah Palin got more votes in Wasilla than Joe Biden got in this election.
Point of order: Joe Biden won nealy 80,000 votes in his bid for the nomination. That's over ten times the number of people in Wasilla, AK. Ten times.

Giuliani - hope is not a strategy.
Point of order: you mean like abstinence-only sex ed. We'll just hope that the kids don't have sex. and we'll just hope that they know to use a condom, so as to prevent pregnancy and STDs.

Palin - my son is deploying on September 11th.
Point of order: has found that no he's not, and it's a violation of operational security to talk about the specifics of deployment.

who are these republican delegates? let's not forget that these people at the RNC were the same people that wore band-aids with purple hearts at the last convention, mocking the service and sacrifice of John Kerry. Let's not forget either, that the democrats have had nothing but high praise for the service of John McCain, even when arguing as Wes Clark did (wes clark for Defense Sec!), that his years as a POW do not necessarily make him fit for the presidency.

From Americablog a reader writes:

Only at the RNC can people who one night before asked the country to do service for their country then now boo when Giuliani mentions community organizing.


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