Thursday, September 04, 2008

Just got back from phone banking

Apparently I broke the record for most attempts made. Must have been all that Phonathon experience flowing through my dialing fingers. :)

anyway, here i am listening to McCain speak, he looks terrible.

So did you hear the one about Cindy McCain's outfit was worth $300,000 the other night. That's right, thousands of Americans can't keep their homes out of foreclosure, they can't drive their cars, and seniors are choosing between medication and food, and Cindy McCain is wearing $300,000. Now just imagine if Michelle Obama had done that, just imagine. Then have a good laugh.

Back to Palin - the WSJ is reporting that in the 24 hours after Palin's speech, the RNC raised $1 million....Obama is on track to raise $10 million.

Meanwhile, in how much more detail is he going to tell us about when he was a POW? A POW does not a president make.

The crowd looks real excited doesn't it?


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