Monday, September 15, 2008

The Sage once said...

Our dear friend, the wise Neoteric Sage has agreed to allow me to excerpt from her Chronical when it pertains to politics. Please enjoy.

Haa, I find it funny how all the Republicans are suddenly like, "CHANGE is coming!" and now McCain AND Palin are running about the country on the Straight Talk Express spouting change as two self-styled mavericks. It is beyond bizarre to see Republicans running around pretending to be mavericks and change-mongerers and revolutionaries. It is as if the world has been tost asunder.

If people fall for this and elect those fuckers into office for another term, I will be so pissed. Sorry, but I really cannot abide Republicans (as politicians, since who knows what they are like as people, but I have my doubts, although I should not judge.

And I WOULD like to go out and split a bottle of wine with Condoleezza, and have a sister-to-sister black woman outing, because I think she would be an okay lady in that context, not that that excuses her loyalty to and dealings with That Fucker, but we won't go there.). I cannot think of a single Republican politician right now who I do not have a problem with, although there may well be one or two in the world, but I kind of doubt it.


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