Friday, September 19, 2008

A visit from Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith at the South County Campaign Office (~40 people here, 50% under 21)

(Editors note: all quotations are paraphrased)

On the Palin pick:
“You know, a couple of months ago McCain said that he didn't know much about the economy.
It's so reassuring to me that he's picked someone who does know so much.”

What can you do:
“after Florida in 2000 I don't think anyone can say, what can I do?”
“The accumulation of all individual efforts will make the difference between 49.6 and 50.4 percent here in MO”

Asked about running for Governor:
“would you be a better governor than Matt Blunt?”
“unfortunately I think I'm disqualifies from that particular position...”

"I filibustered a bill that would make English the official language of mo – I filibustered for 9 hours...and I did the first 30 minutes in French."

On Gay Marriage
"I think there's lots of threats to the institution of marriage... television, the internet – I don't think that gay marriage is one of them."

(Side note: why does open office want me to capitalize “internet?” Really? You can't see it now, but there's an angry red scribble below “internet” saying, capitalize me!)

On the surge:
“if you took all the cops in the city and put them in one neighborhood for the next two months, I bet there wouldn't be a murder in that neighborhood, I bet there wouldn't be a murder in that neighborhood. But it wouldn't cure crime in st. louis”

Advice for Canvassing
  1. 1. move quickly and efficiently – plan the route. Be systematic.
  2. 2. 30/70 rule - talk for 30% and listen 70% of the time. Draw people out to talk about themselves
  3. 3. don't give an answer unless you know the answer. Google killed me as a professor.

On hopes and expectations:
"Barack Obama is truly a citizen of the world.. has the unique potential to restore that moral authority. "

"People want to see a government that works. It's not really about ideology, it's about confidence. Who can be a competent steward of the economy. Who can be a competent steward of our relationships with other countries."

On the younger volunteer crowd:
"It's your country, very soon."

"A lot of people believe that this generation is the first that is facing not having the same standard of living as their grandparents."

"I'm where I am because of kids like you."

Final thought:
"Don't be somebody that wakes up the day after the election and thinks man, we lost Missouri by 600 votes."


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