Monday, September 29, 2008

As of yesterday, fivethirtyeight has Obama winning the election 325- 212. Yay!! But it’s no time to let up, we have to keep hitting the GOP, hard. The latest total most probably results from the economic crisis and McCain’s antics and the debate, where are large percentage of Americans found out the Obama is not crazy/scary/unready. But, McCain is petulant/grumpy/old.

And on Thursday we have the VP debates. I am inordinately excited about them, especially given this quote:

The campaign has held a mock debate and a mock press conference; both are being described as "disastrous." One senior McCain aide was quoted as saying, "What are we going to do?" The McCain people want to move this first debate to some later, undetermined date, possibly never. People on the inside are saying the Alaska Governor is "clueless."

Oh that’s trouble for our dear Governor. And did we see the latest clips from the Couric interview? Let’s review:

And here’s Tina Fey reprising her role as Sarah Palin on SNL. Note that her long-winded convoluted explanation about the bailout/healthcare/job creation is practically verbatim to what Palin actually said.

(I am skeptical that the above embed will work, if it does not, the video can be viewed here.

For your viewing pleasure (god bless the internet) someone has put Tina and Sarah side-by-side to show you that the SNL writers didn’t have to do much….

Word has it that there are at least two more potentially humiliating clips from the Couric interview. Hopefully CBS will be airing those tonight.

Several readers think that the GOP will be forced to pull Palin off the ticket and replace her with someone else – I’m even told that there are wagers being made. I think this is a case where the GOP is damned if the do, and damned if they don’t.

If they were to pull her, McCain would look like a flip-flopper and would risk alienating his conservative base, who really didn’t give a shit about his campaign pre-Palin. Annoy them, and they might not bother turning out on election day.

On the other hand, leaving her on the ticket after her tragic performances in interviews and what should be a hilarious performance at the debate, makes McCain look like an idiot and a schmuck for picking her, and risks alienating boatloads of independents.

My bet is that they are stuck with her. And as she does more interviews and maybe even (god permitting) a press conference, we will laugh all the way to election day.

Meanwhile, in a new poll conducted by St. Louis Post-Dispatch/KMOV last week showed that McCain and Obama are in a dead heat. Obama CAN win Missouri, we all just have to work a little bit harder. The really good news about the above poll is that it ran last week, prior to the debate where McCain was revealed to be a, and this is a technical term, curmudgeon. (Note: how is it that word can get “curmudgeon” and “schmuck,” but wants me to change “Obama”, every time?)

Did I mention that we are nearing our 20,000th visitor? We are. Go us.

whoa – ho ho ho – ooooooooooooooo! Last time I checked the market was down 270 today, now it’s down 685. Ouch, just a reminder, John McCain wants to put your Social Security in the stock market.


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