Tuesday, January 02, 2007

aaaaaaand it's Friday. Not only that, but it's the Friday before Christmas. next week i am only working two days. we have Monday, Tuesday and Friday off! hooray! Sadly, this means no blogging for most of next week, but, due to peak, you all are already used to the weeks of no updates. we'll try to do better now that peak is over. unfortunately, we are expecting a high volume of calls throughout January and February - so expect sporadic updates.

I expect it to be extraordinarily slow today. 1) Many people are already on vacation. 2) Most people have realized that if they have not already ordered, then they are not getting their product by Christmas. 3) No one in the Colorado/Nebraska/Kansas area went to work today because of the massive amounts of snow. Here's a flickr set of snow accumulating in Denver - yes that's at least 33" you see there. (courtesy BB) http://www.flickr.com/photos/hellsditch/sets/72157594430631712/show/

jen's office party was last night...nothing like watching a bunch of financial advisors get drunk...no really, it is really quite fun. And jen and I played "Big Buck Hunting" (a video game - with pump action shotguns). I'm still a good shot. I need to go "real" shooting again. I miss the firing range. I miss Big Al, the range master.

2 calls in 40 minutes. I told you today would be slow.

oh, and you may have missed this: "AP: Selective Service to test military draft machinery" http://www.rawstory.com/news/2006/AP_Selective_Service_to_test_military_1221.html
uh, yeah. they're going to test the machinery that would be used in the event that a draft was reinstated - but they swear that the draft is not being reinstated. oh, but the machinery hasn't been tested since 1998...so why now, why now after 9 years. why now, when the army is near breaking and Bush is calling for a "surge" of troops (when we don't have them. exactly where does he think they are going to come from? oh, right. the draft). so step right up young men, you're going to Iraq.

I have a package in lenexa, ks. UPS says that it is on time and will be delivered today. I DON'T BELIEVE THEM.

Speaking of ups and tracking packages, there's this guy that has called in four times this morning checking on the status of his order. guess what, guy, ups hasn't updated their information yet. the package is still in KY and the last update was at 3:15am. Calling back every 20 minutes isn't going to change that. "no-i iwll not call ups, they will have the same information." when he tried the "call ups" line on carl, carl put him on hold for five minutes, played yeti sports and then told the guy that he had called ups and they had the same information. DO NOT FUCK WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS.

surprise surprise - my package showed up at 10:53a.

our friend called back three more times since we last checked in... he needs to face it, he's not getting his package today. it's still in KY and he's in NY - no fucking way.

in the meantime, we've had a delicious lunch of ham and potatoes - courtesy of the buffet lunch provided by management - thanks guys!

i've also walked away with gifts of a borders gift card, an "insult a day calendar", hot chocolate mix, and a candle/holder. whoo whoo - now if i can just find out when i'll be getting that $500 gift card, like i got last year.

and they might be letting us go early today, which would be good...because i have to shop for xmas presents, like whoa.



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