Wednesday, November 15, 2006

so heroes. what's going on with that show. i only watch it infrequently, and unfortunately if you miss a show, you have no idea what's going on. I turned it on last night and though i was watching a different show because for the first segment before commercial break, I recognized a sum total of no one. i mean i know save the cheerleader, save the world (said in the same tone as wehrenburg wehrenberg) which means today, for my activity i'll be reading about what's going on. i'm so glad that my time is so well spent.

meanwhile, the car just needed some brake fluid, because it had none. while running the car to get the fluid coursing through the vehicle, I was prompted to shout "juice me!" "JUICE ME!" to which, my father gave me a quizical look. Also, he says the car needs new brakes. yuck. but i don't want to pay anymore money i said, no more money.

Have i ever mentioned that we are required to fill out a form for every call that we take? This is supposed to leave notes for people in the future so that if you call back, we know your history. This is good in theory. However, we have to do the form for EVERY call - which means that every call that is misrouted, or dialed incorrectly or that is just a simple question must be logged. And that sucks alot. That means that at any given time I have 5-10 "tickets" that still need to be entered. and I hate them. They have not once been useful to me when assisting a client. NOT ONCE.

air rifles. air rifles. do i really need one? no. do i want one? yes.

and then a wave of phone calls and shitty work hit. no more comments were added yesterday, hopefully today, i will be able to talk more...


Blogger Roko said...

You do not want an air rifle. You want a real rifle. .22 LR rifles aren't super expensive, and you can get .22 LR for under $.12 a round if you look for it. Why use CO2 (or *gasp* a hand pump) when you can use gunpowder? For even more fun, go for .223, .270, or 30-06. The ammo will be a lot more expensive, but bigger bore is bigger bore.

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