Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Recap on this weekend:

Saturday night we went to the Dresden Dolls - it was fantastic (even though we missed the first game of the World Series). We were at the concert for like four hours - fortunately, we had also scored a table in the bar area, so were were sitting in comfort for the entirety of that time. When we go there, there was an elvis clown on stage for like two seconds, don't ask me too much about the clown because he was almost immediately off stage. Then there was this crazy musician who was using all kinds of non-traditional musical instruments (ie. industrial flute, coin in glass bowl, bells). Anyway, bizarre objects - really cool music (a little scary too). Then, the Red Paintings came on stage - I liked them, except when the singer, sang. Otherwise, all was well - two guitars, a violin, and drums. Additionally, the women were dressed as geishas, the lead guitar had a strange overcoat and there were four other woman on stage - two were almost naked and the other two were painting the semi-naked two. Also, a robot. In the end, the lead guitar was acting like an idiot (as guitarist are prone to do) by rolling around on the stage, anyway, he rolled himself right off the stage and his head. He was taken off and later we found out that he was ok, and he played a song with the dresden dolls, just to prove it. It was tragic, but kind of really funny. After the Red Paintings, Gravity Plays Favorites - otherwise known as that lesbian duo that does burlesque pole dancing and acrobatics. They were amazing. They held their bodies perpendicular from the pole 4-5 feet off the ground. Amazing. And then the Dresden Dolls.

Everything that Ani wasn't, the Dresden Dolls was. They were high energy, knew their stuff, played for a solid two hours, kept it interesting, took requests, played all the songs I wanted to hear and generally played a really great concert. I'm definitely going to try and catch them again the next time that they are in town.

Sunday - we left at 1:30pm for Nashville to see Broken Social Scene (BSS). We arrived at the venue at about 5:55pm and proceeded to sit in the car (right outside the door) until 7pm when they opened the doors. Because we were one of the first people in, we got a spot in the very front row - I could reach out and touch the stage. They were, by far, the best seats I have ever had for a concert. Do Make Say Think played, and they were good and quite loud. Then BSS got up there and they were good (again loud) - they lose points only for a bizarre encore song with lyrics, I kid you not "When I leave heaven I bring my gun, it's ok, it's right to love." Yeah. and also for this little ploy - *opening notes to a song where emily haines features heavily* "and now taking time off of her solo tour (emily haines is on a solo tour) here's not-emily-haines" Instead it was a singer, who also took time off her solo tour, but does not generally do the vocals for this song and who had already been on stage doing other vocal work - In other words, there was no need for an introduction and it was just a dirty trick to make us think that the girls (haines and feist) were there. And neither of them were, which was extremely disappointing.

So we drove back, staring at about 11:30 and didn't get home until around 4:30am when all was said and done. which made for very sleepy jennifers who had to get up at 6am. Yesterday, my bed never felt so good. And now I have (somewhat) caught up on my sleep - just in time to lose some more of it

Tonight, Jen and I have tickets to the World Series Game 3! And it should be damn cold. Fortunately for us, we have standing room only tickets - which means that we will have the opportunity to stamp our feet to stay warm. And the cards better win.

Also, this weekend we will be in Philadelphia- sadly we will miss Lauren and Janine's party and will have to schedule yet another time to see their new apartment. Happily, we may catch the Dresden Dolls again in Philly - in addition to seeing danno and ariela and the great city of new york!

I have taken multiple pictures of captain smiley and I will have them up as soon as I can get them off of my phone.

This morning I was listening to NPR (that's national public radio, bob) and I heard the news guy say something along the lines of bush has said recently that they were going to change the policy of "stay the course"... I yelled and screamed at the radio and ultimately called dan to bitch and moan about it. why the hysterics, you might ask. Because bush didn't say he was changing policy - Bush said, in an interview, on tape that he never said that he was "stay the course." I know it probably sent you into fits too ...because bush has said multiple times, on tape that his administration, this country, he would "stay the course." and no one in the media seems to be challenging this. how much easier does it get? it's not a partisan thing, it's not political. he's lying or he's just plain stupid, so which is it, and why is no one saying anything? aHHHHHHHHHH!!! here's a nice video of the interview and about 20 instances of him saying "stay the course" also, even if they are changing the words that they use, nothing has changed policy-wise. one general is even calling for more troops....

Keith had another scorcher last night. check it out. it's about the latest rnc ad that uses terror to get people to vote republican - i think that is a textbook definition of terrorism. let's waterboard bush and find out.

Ok, the Dresden Dolls just got even more cool. They are a part of Music for America which partners artists with volunteers to work together to motivate young adults to get excited about politics and vote. MFA gets free tickets for volunteers that work for the event and the artists get to be part of a political movement that is going to change the country. Here's a list of participating artists: lots of great artists are helping at - lots of indie artists like sleater kinnie, rilo kiley and le tigre, but also big names like barenaked ladies, tori amos, and usher. more than 340 artists! From the website:

"Music for America stands for the belief that our generation is smart enough, and capable enough, and big enough to be the dominant force in American politics. But we have been ignored by politicians and disgusted by politics to the point where many of us just stay away.

When we reach one of our peers on a personal, sincere level, and show her how she can actually do something about it, we're doing what we do best—providing the gateway drug that will hook our generation on creating a better America."

very, very cool.

2:50p - another cool site, with an equally cool book coming out.

Cariss updated! seems she got some more of that which she holds most dear. hopefully this means that she will be updating more often.

Is "denomination" a big word? "what's the denomination on that?" "what do you mean?" ?!

Did I mention that Joe was fired? We have two new temps, but neither of them are on the phone yet - which means that once again, we are shorthanded. I would like to go home now. 1hr 5min to go. 63 interactions. My boss started releasing our caller data - so we can all see just how bad teh space cadet she the next to be fired? not likely in the middle of peak - but if she was, i could definitely stay....

My hands are cold. I don't want to turn on the space heater for fear of blacking out the row of cubes again - I need thin gloves again, so that my hands can be warm and my typing stays legible.


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