Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Monday! Even though it's monday, I must have gotten enough sleep last night because I'm not like, oh god it's monday, it's just, you know, monday. Let's talk about the rams and cards - ok, you're right, lets NOT talk about the rams and cards. also ani was lacking something on saturday night - she just wasn't that great....hopefully broken social scene in two weeks will be fantastic, and i wish i wish i wish i could see thd dresden dolls this weekend, but alas - jen and i have been summoned to a weenie roast...

Hey! If you call and want to check on the status of an order, have the order number? or the account number? or know what you ordered? how you ordered? when you ordered? something.

Today I start my new schedule - get here at 8:30a, leave at 5p. And here's the good part, take lunch at 1p, which means that when I get back, I only have a short three hours to go until I get off- and then with any luck, I'll go to the gym.

Wow - they really need to fix their hold music, because all I hear is static, interspersed with some truly terribly 80s music, back on hold, ok, now it's an ok song - oh paul young... Every time you go, away, you take a piece of me with you....and there's the static again.

I'm going to Philly with Jen Oct 27-30!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sad that ani wasn't that great and that you miss dresden dolls - have you bought your tix to imogen yet? if not, you should buy mine and i'll pay you back when i see you next or send you money or something. she came on my ipod yesterday when i was running and it made me happy. also you should tell jen that i'm super busy still but that when rugby is over i will make an appt w/ her. talk to you soon! -cyndi

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