Wednesday, October 11, 2006

There was an army of skunks outside. No I did not see the army of skunks, but boy oh boy could I smell them. It was like an assault on my nose. When I got inside, you could still smell them, and people where commenting "what is that?" So I don't know if campus security was shooting/trapping them for fun and things got nasty or the stench has either faded or I've gotten used to it. I hope it doesn't permeate my skin, else I'll have to bath in tomato sauce tonight.

Sadly, it doesn't look like Keith had a special comment last night - too bad, I was really looking forward to it.

I've been here 55 minutes and I've read all the news, checked all the blogs. Nothing.

NK threatens to fire a nuclear missile. Lord help us.

Hey Rachel Ray - here's a new one:

chicken in pan
rub with "peppery herb" spices
douse with orange soda
remove chicken
more orange soda
pour over chicken
= spicy orange chicken
i win.

Also I have a really good sandwich for lunch today, and I would like to eat it now. Turkey, cheddar, and bacon with tomato/basil paste dressing. I want it now. Unfortunately I have to wait two hours for it.

Oh joy, I just found out that have to go to some stupid meeting at 11a. Lovely. Maybe some more news will have happened by then.

UPDATE: I just re-read the email, the stupid meeting isn't until next week..and I'm an idiot.

Netflix better send out our movies today! I needs me some moves. Jen and I were not impressed with Annie Hall; Antonia's Line had to be turned off due to weird factor before bed and What Dreams May Come was fantastic. I'm looking forward to Alien 4 - can you tell which movies Jen picks and which I pick to watch alone?

And I would like to go home now. 3hr 57min remain. 29 interactions.

I really hate when I have a question and my supervisor is doing something like checkin her voicemail. Instead of dropping the voicemail and helping me help the client that's on the phone...she listens to all of her voicemail - leaving me to deal with the angry client that has to wait. Isn't the first thing they tell you, client first?

Regarding that skunk episode this morning, this just arrived in my inbox:
Subject: RE: Temperature
Several people have complained, and it is being addressed. This morning, the vents were closed due to the capture of a little creature (skunk), and the littlie guy sprayed the area outside of our facility. Maintenance forgot to reopen the vents, so they are in the process of doing so now.
Help is on the way.
Thanks for being patient, and please communicate to those that are being affected by the unusual warmth in the building.
uh-huh. see, I don't know who's complaining, beacuse I'm always fucking cold, and the temperature today has been great.

Make a wish. I'd like to go home now. Supposedly I'm going to hit the gym tonight....

I hate when they put me on hold. Hey! remember when my boss sat on my desk and it collapsed? Good times.


Blogger Ariela said...

ha! You and Jen can play "Whose Move Is This" when people come over, just as we played "Whose Food-Item Is This" back in the Alamo days...

Chicken cutlets and soy burgers -- Whose food item is this?

Cheddar cheese and popcorn -- TRICK QUESTION, BITCHES!

8:20 AM  

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