Thursday, October 05, 2006

There's nothing like being on hold at 9:08 in the morning. rah rah.
And my longest call today has been 15 minutes. I just want to avoid the hour long calls of yesterday.
I officially have my very own financial advisor. I expect them to start laying gold eggs.
In the midst of the (growing) foley scandal - I bring you this: Scientist now say that by 2100, 1/3 of the world will be desert and agricultural will be impossible.
Scary huh? well back to the foley thing. three times yesterday on fox news, the onscreen graphic incorrectly identified foley as a democrat. fair and balanced my ass.
Rapture Index is 156. from daily kos: "Soul Protection Factor 15 is recommended if you'll be walking among the heathen today. And be sure to get yourself checked out if you discover any odd-shaped moles on your body---it could be the onset of secular depravity."
Some guy just talked my ear off for 15 minutes because he didn't like the way that the new system was layed out because the special way that he did it is not as easy to do with the new system. Basically he had x amount of money that he wanted to spend on our product - our product has a per unit fee and a shipping fee per x number of units. The old system used to display all types of the product, the shipping info and a running total. The new system does not display this running total. So the guy was angry that he couldn't just plug in information and get a total. The thing is, it's not comlicated math. Here's an example:
i have $1000, i want to get the most units for my money. all units have the same per unit fee. i want reds. reds are ($100 + $3 unit fee) + $10 shipping = total cost. take $1000/total cost, if # is greater than 1 you can have more, less than, and you have to have less. math easy. guy dumb.
and if he said "long story short jalynn" one more time, i was going to have to smack him upside his irrated head.
Everyone must be at lunch because it got fairly quiet here. Maybe it will stay that way...
Notes from those still laboring at Gosh shoe:
My morning at work: Arrive to find I am alone in the office, wonder what would happen if I got sick or had an accident on the way to work and couldn't make it in. Help some customers, answer the phone, check my e-mail and do some work. Bossman arrives at her usual time (which is well past 8:30) and sends me a frantic e-mail message, asking me to please help her, as she is trying to send out an e-mail survey about the unnamed program and it is "more labor-intensive" than she had first thought (exact words). So she asks me to take the bottom half of the alphabet. This process to too strenuous and stupid to tell you about in this e-mail, but I'll leave it to your imagination as to how asinine it actually was. Bossman and I continue to fight the system (communicating only by e-mail as usual until I finally went into her office and demanded to talk face-to-face about this project) in order to get this mass e-mail sent. I work straight through until 11:45, as this is a very urgent matter. So does Bossman. No smoke breaks, no restroom breaks, no shooting rubber bands or daydreaming. In the meantime, S (who, as a reminder, was promoted to a position that puts her in charge of the unnamed program) comes in at 10 a.m., talks to her realtor on the phone for an hour, has a leisurely conversation with another employee, sings some songs, and talks on the phone. Then she left at noon for a 1:00 meeting on the s40. I'm left wondering why Bossman and I had to work our asses off to get this thing done, and S (again, she is in charge of the unnamed program) had absolutely nothing to do with it. Well, I know why I did - Bossman asked me to. Regardless of whether or not she's a good boss, she is my boss.
Remember that if you have a story about your own adventure in cubeland, you can email me at . I'll edit out any names and post it for you....
I would like to go home now. 2hr 3min remain. 32 interactions.
I actually thought much the same thing with i heard John Yoo on NPR this morning especially the part where the diarist talkes about conflating the criminal justice system with the tribunal system - because the tribunal stystem does not have appeals and checks.


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