Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Well, the systems migration did not go well. They were switching everyone from the 3 systems that we used to use to one all encompassing system that was supposed to do everything. Unfortunately, while they managed to move all user to the new system, they were unable to make the user information available to us through the new system. This means that we still have to look through the old 3 systems plus partially the new one to find user info/account activity. fantastic. on the up side, they are buying us lunch today. i look forward to my buffalo chicken sandwich and cheese fries.

Unfortunately, there will be no lunch until 1:30p for me. And I chose today to skip breakfast. dammit.

Sure it's 90 degrees outside, but it's still freezing in here.

I just had a tremendous urge for rye bread.

Crackberry strikes again- som crazy employees are suing over their addiction saying it has caused family problems, broken up relationships and generally decreased their quality of life.

I saw this heating up on friday - but I was in training all day and had no time to talk about it, but here we are - not getting nearly the call volumes that we were expecting, and thus I am left with the time to post. (why is "post" no spelled "poast" like "roast"?) Here goes.

What's with bombshell stories happening over the weekends? Last week it was the NIE, this weekend it was what has been termed "Foley-gate", "Predator-gate", "Page-gate" etc. Long story short. Republican congressman (50-ish) hits on/takes to dinner/has graphic sexual discussions with 16-17 year old congressional pages. A little bit longer - GOP House leadership, knew they had a problem on their hands and no one did anything for 1-5 years. Yeah. Congressman resigned and has no entered rehab (for alcohol - setting up an "alcohol made me do it" defense?) House dems have called for full and immediate investigation House republicans are dilly-dallying and the White House press sec called it nothing but a couple of "naughty emails." naughty emails? naughty emails with an underaged subordinate saying how hot the congressman thought he was. sketchy IMs where the good congressman presses a page on how he masturbates and comments on his "cute butt bouncing up and down." IMs asking the young pages to measure their penis size. Right, nothing but a couple of naughty emails. And the uproar from conservative religious organizations worried about the safety of children left in Congress' care? nothing.

No buffalo chicken and cheese fries. The phone number isn't working. I hope they don't get fast food, because I can't eat it.

My heater just gave out.

Lunch was delicious (quizno's) and now it's back to work. fortunately only 3.5 hours remain. 3.5 hours too many, but we'll take what we can get.

I hate when someone else in a different customer service department calls me up, cuts me off before I tell her I'm not the right person and then brings the caller over, and proceeds to make up shit about who I am. I hate that. Also, it got busy and I have not checked the news and it's making me an unhappy bear. And I want to go home.

I also hate when my coworkers skip out on what is supposed to be a hugely busy time for us. And I hate when they seem to coordinate their efforts - we'll be down by two people, or 30% tomorrow morning - thanks guys. I think I have to be a little late too.
Our boss, re: the news of two people being out - "It will be a rough start to the day, but we will get through it until we see your shining faces here."
that does not help, bossman.

Though, bossman and I just had an extended conversation about Novak's and other gay stuff. Seems like she's very in the know. Interesting. And I talked to a very angry caller, he lectured me for about eight minutes on why we should treat people better and the like. me <- rolls eyes "i'm sorry sir, there's really not anything i can do...."


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