Monday, September 25, 2006

Mondays are poo.

Guess what I didn't do this weekend. Laundry. But I did do some dishes and now the rest of them are sitting in neat little piles in the kitchen just waiting to be done. But the silverware is done....

One of my coworker's is practically looking over my shoulder- thus no updating.

And we're back.

I was just given a "packing project," - to do in my spare time. They've finally realized that they have too many temps and not enough work so everyone is bringing us little side projects...I can just see them toiling away in their cubes, their heads pop up and look around expectantly "we have a temp," they say, "i'll just pile this nasty little project that i haven't wanted to do on their heads..." thanks alot. this one wasn't that bad. it involved assembling boxes, putting that squishy smiley face man in the box with a brief explanation "have no fear, captain smiley is here" in the box, tape, tape, label and fin. thrilling, i know.

Ok, this day, unfortunately just got WAAAYYY more complicated than it needed to be. As you know, Jen has been driving me to work because our other car is kaput. Fortunately, her grandfather was able to fix it and now it is sitting there for us in T-ville. We were going to go get it tonight, and then we remembered that Jen has a meeting at her company at 6 - so we thought ok, Jen will pick me up, we'll both go to the meeting, I'll hang out and read a book in the car and then we'll go to t-ville. fantastic. but then, her company calls her up and says, oh yeah, we want you to go to dinner with some managemnt types after the meeting --completely oblivious to the concept that maybe she already had some obligation. in this case, me. therefore, not only can we not go get the car tonight, but i have to find a ride home. not only all of that, but because we are not getting the car tonight, and we can't get it tomorrow (prior commitment), so that gets us to wednesday (Jen's first day!) with only one car. now, jen's aunt has said that she'd bring the car down on thursday - but that still leaves wednesday and thursday when we have only one car and wildly different hours. fun Fun FUN. awesome. Thanks alot jen's company, hereafter known as jen's fucking company (JFC). also, do we have to drive jen's aunt back to t-ville on thursday, i mean really, grey's anatomy is on. gah!

Also, it's rumored that facebook might sell out to yahoo for $1 billion. kiss your privacy settings goodbye.

Car for Wednesday and Thursday = solved. Jen's sister inexplicably has decided to help us out by going with Jen to pick up the car tomorrow. like whoa.

Ride home tonight = solved. My cousin Heather is a hero and has agreed to come and get me.

As previously discussed, we have a product that is similar to cash and accepted virtually everywhere, if you don't use the entire face value, you get cash back for it, and you can deposit it into your bank account. Now, the highest denomination that you can purchase is $100 - except someone has been passing large number of $500 and $1000 fakes. From what I've heard, they are flawless, and banks don't know what to do with them, they look legit - so they accept them. That's what happens when you have a paper product that acts like cash and doesn't have a lot of security features. You know what I would do with a $500 something something? SPEND IT.

Carl has introduced me to a new rap song that's in his head and he hates it because it is "stupid." Excerpted lyrics below:
"Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup
Wit A Soda On The Side"


"Young B, Webstar And GTOT
Doin Our Thing.
It Comes Naturally
We Gettin, So We FlyAs Can Be
So All Ya'll Wack
Lables Stop Tryina Sign Me"

Listen Young B, no one's trying to sign you. Actually they probably are, and you're going to make a LOT of money on your incredibly pointless song. The different verses in no way relate to the other versus or the chorus, I am at a loss.

Thankfully, more training has been postponed until tomorrow.

Things are going to get interesting over in the House later this week. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sent a letter today to Speaker Hastert outlining the Democrats plan to "actively resist adjournment" at the end of the week unless five demans are met. These demands are as follows:

1) "Congress must pass legislation to implement the 9/11 Commission recommendations"
2) "have a straight up or down vote on increasing the minimum wage, free from the usual Republican efforts to attach tax cuts for the wealthiest few that doom these bills. Democrats will not support a Congressional pay raise until we give 7 million American workers a raise"
3) "give the Secretary of Health and Human Services the authority to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices for seniors and people with disabilities."
4) "restore the massive cuts in college tuition assistance imposed by the Congress and expand the size and availability of Pell Grants"
5) "rolling back tax breaks for Big Oil and investing the savings in alternative fuels to achieve energy independence"

"Therefore, until Congress passes legislation that meets the real needs of the American people, House Democrats will actively resist adjournment."

The democrats are standing up, show them some love at and get out and vote come November.

I just remembered that I saw Former President Bill Clinton's interview on fox news this weekend. He was outstanding and he trounced them for asking loaded, biased questions. basically he spanked them and then rode them like bad bad ponies. about bin laden "i tried, i tried and failed, but at least i tried." watch it.

I would like to go home now. 1hr 55min remain. 21 interactions.

I would like to go home now. 1hr 3min remain. 23 interactions.

I would like to go home now. 31min remain. 24 interactions.


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