Friday, September 22, 2006


Training sucks. The woman supposed to be trainings is probably the most air-headed person I have ever met, and I knew a lot of cheerleaders in highschool. She bounces around without any semblance of a "lesson plan", generally just confusing people. people like me. and anyone else with ears.

I just ate my lunch because i was that hungry - I don't really have lunch until 1 - and then I won't have anything to eat. sad.

UPDATE: If you want to submit a funny work story, you should email me at

Who thinks ariela should just give it up and come home?

Really, go to "An unprecedented miracle of good fortune has occurred, similar in scope to jumping out of an airplane only to land in the missionary position with Angelina Jolie, then finding that a naked skydiving Salma Hayek has drifted down to land upon your face. Reader Steve has had not one, not two, but three excellent customer service experiences in the last three days."

Also, I've just been told that there is some sort of "super cell" storm system that is swirling over Chicago, it could reach hurricane mile and hour winds and should be arriving in St. Louis (to meet up with another storm - currently over Kansas City) sometime this evening.... And there's a tornado warning for our office's location - I'll let you know if we get blown away.

I just heard one of my coworkers tell a caller something that is grossly and blatantly wrong. I strongly dislike this guy - and he signs off early, which sucks for the two of us that remain online, because it really sucks to get that 10 minute call at 5:29p.

People hate the new phone tree. People like me. and everyone else.

I would like to go home now. 2hr 29min remain. 10 interactions.

I would like to go home now. 54min remain. 12 interactions.


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