Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wow - two days after you got no sleep is worse than the day after you got no sleep. The alarm went off this morning and I almost cried. My eyes were burning when I got up, and now they are distinctl unhappy about the contacts in them. I really was going to go to bed early last night, but then I got bogged down applying for that job at Gosh-Shoe. I hate online applications processes - I have a resume! I have a cover letter! Why do I have to manually re-enter all of this information? But, it is done. And then I was distracted by Jen playing Dynasty Warriors until late. When we looked up it was quarter to 12a - and we were not in bed yet. I don't recommend staying up late three days in a row, or two days - unless you can sleep it off the next day. Not possible with stupid stupid work.

7hr 25min remain.

The internet just crashed here (well, several minutes ago - and it's back up), and because the phones are all run VoIP, we can't take any calls. Note: I broke down and am using the space heater provided - it was that or wear my coat.

Dune 7 and 8 have been announced and Dune 7 has been released.

"Dean slams RNC-funded 'Fun With Guns' event at university in letter to Mehlman"
Can you indeed have fun with guns? yes. should you really be sponsoring an event that has kids use paintball guns to shoot cardboard cutouts of Democrats? hmmm...maybe not. I wonder if it would be considered a threat to the security of the aforementioned Democrat leaders? I mean, aren't they putting out a hit list and calling for action? This strikes me as inciting violence.

Now, I'm all for shooting guns. It is, in fact, fun. I'm even for putting a picture of someone that you are annoyed with on a target (or a dartboard). But when the leader of a National Party does it as a campaign event, at best it is crass and at worst it is an invitation for violence. What's next "Sniper Fun with Guns"? Come to the event and you can simulate the shooting of a Democrat leader with a sniper rifle? That's not a campaign event, that's a terrorist training camp.

My boss just broke my desk by sitting on it. Broke, right off of the cubical wall where it connects. All my shit, went, everywhere. This in addition to the fact that it is just me and Carl today. Rhonda still out. Joyce has chicken pox. Now I get to play human answering machine - this day actually, cannot get any worse.

The fixing the desk took one look at the construction of the cube and said "something is radically wrong here." Great.

I am a human answering machine.

They have now completely removed my desk. There is a gaping hole where I used to sit.

One wonders where I will sit this day over yet? 2hr 55min remain.

Oh oh. They put a new desk in.

Back at my desk, and I am no longer a human answering machine. My new cubemate is very talkative.

14min to freedom.


Blogger Ariela said...

so glad you're back... although the circumstances are less than ideal (obviously). a tip for you: if you want to make a link shorter (like, if it's three lines long) you can use . me loves.

also, me loves jen who is going to send me a dvd of music. she's lovely.

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