Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Return to Cubeland

After working for four punishing weeks at an agricultural company which i will not name, but rhymes with fun-gee (though, it was in no way fun), after working there for four weeks with no internet access, I am well pleased to be working somewhere that does have my computer hooked up. Additionally, I have enough to do to keep busy, but also little enough to do that I can sit and type some times. An update:

At fungee I had the pleasure of filing and entering data for four solid weeks. I could not access the internet...at all. My computer was not even hooked up to the internet. So, for 8 hours a day, I filed and entered data with virtually no breaks other than my lunch. To ease the passing of time, I listened to audiobooks - and that helped a little. I listened to all three of Al Franken's books, Dune, at least 3-4 books in the Ender Series, the DaVinci Code, A Brief History of Nearly Everything and Fast Food Nation. A very informative and entertaining mix.

I probably would have been at Fungee for less than the four weeks, had my project that I was working on not hit a snag. I was entering the yearly payroll totals for each employee at each of their different centers (about 8) over the course of 10 years. This would have been an easy matter if the payroll registers had had yearly totals, but no. The registers, printed on old-fashioned computer paper (the kind with the green and white stripes), only had bi-weekly totals. So instead of entering one number for each employee at each center, I had to enter 26 numbers for each employee at each center. Twenty-six times more entries. Fun for me. Then I had to remove the registers from their 4-5 inch bindings and individual copy each sheet - because they were not torn apart and could not be run through the copier any other way. When I got bored with all of that fun, I had the option to file until my fingers bled. Thrilling, I know. And all of this in a very small cube with poor lighting - on the other hand, I did have my own cube - not that I could take advantage of it. Also Fungee is way out on Page, which meant that I had to get my little self out of bed, leave me girlfriend and make the trek out there very early in the morning. While the office had a nice lake to look at and ducks that frequently crossed the highway, these did not make up for having to get up at 6:45am. I know lots of people get up before then, but this is me, and I'll complain if I want to.

Life after Fungee
My work at Fungee concluded at the end of June. In the interium, I planned to pack, lay by the pool, find an apartment in Philly and generally have a good time. Unfortunately, finding an apartment turned out to be generally very stressful and precluded a lot of relaxing. Also, Jen was working 7.5 hours a day and everyone else was a work or school, which made finding someone to play with difficult. Note: at this time I had moved in with Jen. Fast forward to mid-June. Through a fuck up with Jen's old roommate and the landlord - we were forced to move out by the end of June, instead of staying on until the end of July when were going to move to Philadelphia. After the weighing of options, we decided to take my parents up on their offer and move into the basement of my parents house, yes, both of us...into the basement...of my parents house. So we rented a 17' truck to move Jen's apartment to a storage unit. That move sucked, the weather was hot and it took us about 8 hours. Fortunately the storage unit came free with the truck, so at least Jen didn't have to pay any extra to store her stuff.

During that move we discovered (much to our chagrin), that we would probably need a 22' truck for our move to Philadelphia (her stuff + my stuff), at an additional cost of $300 for the truck $? in gas, and $1million in pain and suffering. As for our pets, we had to send Cinque off with Aunt Lauren to the farm and Tasty off to Aunt Bscoot. That's another $1 million in pain and suffering. So we headed off to my parent's house with nothing but our clothes, our computers, and some records.

My parent's basement does not have a door at the bottom of the basement, it only has a door at the top of the basement that must remain open so that the cat can go up and down the stairs to the litter box. My parents had seen fit to put the bed that Jen and I would be using at the foot of the stairs without the door. So much for privacy....

Then Jen interviewed for a stock broker position at a financial institution and nailed it. Pending her passing her licensing exams, she becomes a very-well paid stock broker. Though the job she interviewed for was in St. Louis, it would have transferred to Philadelphia. We talked and talked. In the end, I decided to give up my job in Philadelphia and stay in the big STL. Better contacts for her to get started in her new job, lower cost of living, more family, more friends, softball, all the attractions of St. Louis, etc.

Through some prior planning, I had already sold my car. So here we are, Jen and I living in my parents house, with no car for me -- I feel like a teenager. But we're working on getting out, and getting our pets back, and getting full-time jobs.

Currently, I'm working at a place that rhymes with Gosh-shoe in a department that we all hate. You can probably guess which one it is, if you've ever received a small yellow envelope from them...so you might be asking what do I do here?

Pushing Paper for Gosh-shoe
I stuff envelopes. I read mail. I answer phone calls. I route items. I void. I appeal. I send out messages. I push paper. But, I do have a full time job. I do get paid well. I do carpool with Jen every day. I do eat lunch with Jen everyday. So it's not so bad, and the people are all nice.

Break: Here's a new recipe for Rachel Ray, takes about two minutes:
brown ground turkey
add to hamburger helper
End Break:

And I get an office of my own. With a door. (that I never close, but it's there nonetheless) and a computer screen that is turned away from everyone else-praise jesus.

Oh yeah, I tried to interview at my original cubeland job because they had a position that was very similar to the job that I had. I saw the job listed on their website, immediately contacted my temp agency and my old boss to express my interest. Four hours later I got a phone call to set up an interview. I went to the interview and it turned out that the job was more sales oriented than I originally thought. Apparently I was not exactly what they were looking for because they REJECTED me. ouch. while waiting for the outcome of that interview, i took the paper pushing position here at gosh-shoe. golly.

So now that you're all caught up, let's get back to the things that makes Adventures so great - a log of my daily activities and national and international events.

I went to the cards game last night in the new stadium. new stadium = good. cards losing 15-3 = bad. getting drunk with my dad buying the beer = good. cards losing 15-3 = bad. cards losing 15-3 = bad, temperature only dropping to 95 degrees by 9:30pm = worse. getting ice cream and reese's big cups after the game = good, coming home to your girlfriend = great.

yesterday i saw a guy driving a hummer and i thought, you schmuck. what do you need a hummer for? all they do is eat up a whole lot of gas making us more dependent on foreign oil and sending lord only knows how many green house gases into the atmosphere. my last thought was fuck republicans. then i saw a decal on his window. "had enough? vote democrat." good sticker. bad democrat. i can only hope that the person was an ex-republican, looking to sell his gas-guzzler and vote democrat.

creepy world events:

from RawStory: Bush gives bizarre massage to German chancellor
I don't even have anything to say about this except that it is so strange...

Bush stopped the investigation into his own wrongdoing.
he basically said, hmm, yeah, i don't really want you doing that, so i'm going to deny you the clearance that you would need to look into that. ha.

Constitutional Ban Fails
the fuckers in congress brought a vote on the federal marriage amendment to the floor of the house today, and the good guys said no. and by no, i mean that they needed 47 more votes to get the thing passed. the final vote was 236-187. that's 236 shitheads and 187 good guys.

DOW falls 400
yeah, last week the dow fell like 400 points, nearly wiping out all of the gains that had been made this year. gee thanks bushie. thanks for this great economy. thanks for this great deficits, if i ran deficits like you run them, my legs would be broken now and i'd be in jail.

Crisis in the Mideast
Oh yeah, and there's that little crisis in the mideast. you know the one where israel is defending itself but it might draw in some pretty unstable countries that may or may not have nuclear weapons...yeah that's not scary at all. but i'm sure glad that our president is giving massages and our congress is taking votes on shit like the constitutional ban on marriage. yep, i sure am glad to live in america.


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