Thursday, July 20, 2006

Slow day today in the office. The storm last night knocked out the power in nearly 600 thousand homes and wreaked havoc with the transit system. Also, it is still very very hot outside and thus no one wants to come in and chat. ergo slow day.

more about that storm:

I woke up from a very pleasant nap to find that it had gotten dark (at quarter to seven) and the wind was blowing quiet fiercely. I though to myself, "hey, maybe you should go check on your mom." so i wandered to the back of the house to discover that w my mom was scurrying around in the backyard picking up flower pots that had been blown about and all over the yard. So i said to myself "you should prolly check and see if she needs any help." so i walked to the back door and opened it just in time to see a girl with long hair blowing behind her in the wind, on a bicycle, riding very quickly into the wind... and all I could think was wizard of oz. and my mom thought so too. It turns out she did need help - so we brought everything that looked like it might be able to move into the garage, and the wind was really kicking up by then. siding was coming off of the house across the street from us. we stood and watched the wind, the waves of rain and the lights flickering, listening to the radio until the tornado sirens started blaring. "mom," i said "we had best go in." and we did. gathered up the cat, a flashlight and headed on downstairs.

we weren't downstairs 15 minutes when the lights went out, for good this time. The lights remained out until about 1am when all of the lights in the house came back on, waking me from my slumber. And then, and then, the drive to work took me 1.5 hours because traffic was JAMMED. I heard that a tornado touched down a couple of miles from our house, if stories are to be believed. I heard that all of the bridges into IL were closed due to tractor trailers being tipped over, buildings fallen on top of them, and construction. I heard that trees 3 ft in diameter were knocked over. i heard that some people will be out of power for days. I heard that north of I-70, the want your to boil your water. serious serious storm.

and the heat has not gone away. It did get down to 77 degrees, but that was last night. right now it is 95 fucking degrees and feels like 109. All this with many many people without power. Slay wants a state of emergency declared. Fortunately, we have power at my house, unless the fuck it up trying to fix everyone else's power. I do not relish the thought of another night in the black and stuff of the basement...

In other unrelated stuff, I never did get to relate the story of our moving out of our old apartment and the drama and the DRAMA that we had to go through with our land lord. Here it is:

Landlord Bob (hereafter, Bob), told us that we had to be out by May 26th. "surely not" we said, "what a silly day for a lease to end on" but we checked the lease and sure enough, we had to be out by may 25th. "ok," we said, "no problem." and out we were, by may 26th. fast forward to June 19th. "hey," we said to ourselves, "bob sure hasn't given us our security deposit back.." so lauren called. bob said that he would have it back to us in a few weeks. "no good enough" we said. we think that he is required to have it back to us sooner than "a few weeks." so we checked, lo and behold MO law requires him to have it back to us 30 days from the end of the lease. "hmm," we said, "what does the lease say?" we wondered. and so we checked the lease, lo and behold, the lease also required him to have it back in 30 days, in accordance with relevant law...additionally, if it was not back in 30 days, he would owe us two months rent. $2850 is not something to be trifled with.

and so a dilemma presented itself. try and negotiate something with bob before time ran out, or just let time run out and try to get the money out of him afterwards. the tricky part would be getting money out of bob - we were thinking that we would probably have to take him to court to get the money...the small claims courts like to see that you have tried to resolve the issue outside of court, thus the need to mention to bob that he should get the security deposit to us before time ran out. on the other hand by contract, he would owe us $2850 if we just let the deadline pass... we talked to him, but the deadline passed...

Lauren was totally the point person on this one and definitely kicked some major ass. She basically told bob that if we didn't have the money, in hand, by june 26 we were going to sue his sorry ass. he huffed and he puffed. he said that clause couldn't possibly be in his lease, and that we didn't have to be out by may 26th, that the lease really ran until the end of the month, that we sure would have gotten into trouble for having four people in the apt (though he knew full well, and it would have been his responsibility too - oh, and we actually had 5 people and 2 pets, so there BOB), that he didnt know MO law (even though he had been a landlord for 17 years), that there was $400 in damages to the apt, that he had given us all good recommendations to new apts (not true, only Lauren had gotten a new apt) and that we were very mean for threatening to take him to court. But Lauren was very firm, and you know what? we got our full security deposit back two days later. and we would have been happy to pay the maintainance fees, but the thing is, he violated his contract, and there are consequences.

Unfortunately there were also consequences for me. The first landlord that contacted Bob to find out about me got an earful. Bob told him that I was a very good tenant and always paid my rent on time, but then when it came time to withhold standard cleaning/damages from the security deposit - that we threatened to take him to court because we wanted our full deposit back without damages taken out. BLATANTLY NOT TRUE BOB. so I had to go through the whole process of explaining to this new landlord the situation, he was very understanding after i told him that bob had not given us our security deposit back (any part of it) or our list of deduction within the 30 days as required by law. THANKS A LOT BOB. fortunately, i have a new landlord, who is a family friend, that i can now list as my most recent landlord when i apply for new apartments in a few months.


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