Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ah another day, another dollar, another 8 hours in the office

sadly for me I had to sit through a staff meeting this morning, so I didn't get to half the things I needed to get to before 10:30am. It's not like I really want to do the things, but the sooner I get them done, the sooner I get to play online, or fantasize about our new apartment.

We took a look at it yesterday, so what that it's on the second floor of my dad's office building. it has it's own door to the outside world. so what that the ceilings are a little low. it's not my parents house. so what that the neighborhood is a little sketch. it has privacy (and the door is metal-clad).

whatever, it's pretty big, it definitely has an interesting design - pictures will be forthcoming as soon as we make it presentable - what it needs is COLOR. lots and lots of color. it has all the right parts, kitchen (small, shrug), bathroom, master bedroom (giant), dining room (small) living room (oddly shaped), and a second oddly shaped, but large-ish bedroom that we can make a party room or something, office maybe. and throughout is has high ceilings to sloped ceilings, because the ceiling is the roof. all in all, it's a pretty unique space. and we get the pets. internet is free. $400 a month for 1100sf. I'm happy. It just needs plants, paint and pets. oh and there's no fridge, or laundry - but these are minor details. the point is we get out of my parents house! hooray!

why do people think that if they give me a phone number, i'm going to be able to tell them what it is? i am not the operator. if you were to call gosh-shoe help line, they would probably be able to tell you...
::end interlude::

racquetball - i miss it.
so anyone with a washu ID or anyone who can get their hands on a washu ID and who plays racquetball should play with me Mid-september
courts are open 6:45am-9:30pm M-F and til 8:30pm on the weekends. right.

surefire flashlight - blinding light in a tiny package. i want.

the new jessica alba movie is filming on campus today and tomorrow, mucking up parking. and no, jessica alba is not going to be on campus. apparently the only scene being filmed is where the lead boy looks in the mirror and then swims in the pool. for these two shots, the filming crew is here two days. i know. why washu's pool? why the galleria? yep, they were at the galleria filming a couple of weeks ago and i actually saw, not jessica alba, but aaron eckhart of "Thank you for smoking" fame. anyway, the new movie is called "Bill" and it looks...well...lame.
On the not lame side, I recently saw another preview for "Happy Feet" - it still looks good, and you can see it Nov. 17th. Reminder: it stars robin williams, hugh jackman, elija wood, nicole kidman, brittany murphy etc.


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huh. i was wondering why there were craft services outside of the a/c those two days... glad they didn't close down the building, though, cause i got in a good workout. : D

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