Monday, September 11, 2006

**Congratulations to Katie and Kristen and their recent Engagement**

Mondays suck.

So they say I'll start taking some calls today, if that becomes the case, then I will be able to do more extensive blogging. Returning to our comments on all things political and/or cool.

I changed my desktop to the picture of the gummy bears conspiracy to topple the government (I wonder if that sentence will trigger any alarms . . . remember when Adventures was tagged by the US Senate Sergeant-At-Arms? yeah.)

I am now on the phone. Two calls down, (by the end of peak), several thousand to go.

I should really be working on my cover letter for that job at Gosh-shoe...unfortunately, I really really hate to write cover letters. So, I'm not going to right now, I'll do it...later. Just like I did laundry this weekend, just like we drove the car to T-ville, just like I dropped off my paystub on Saturday, and just like we did all those pesky dishes that just keep piling up.

Who has heard of the Nintendo Wii? The Wii is Nintendo's seventh generation game looks positively fascinating. Instead of a controller a la PS2 or Xbox it has a remote-looking device. It has the standard up, down, left right button cross along with A and B buttons, similar to the NES controller. The really cool thing about it though, is that instead of hitting a button to swing (a bat, sword, whatever) you swing the whole thing. Attach the "nunchuk" controller and you can cause movement with your left hand while firing/swinging with your right hand - completely independent of one another. Slip the remote into the "gun carrier" and you have a gun (think: duck hunt - but more rifley) for your first person shooters. It looks fucking cool. You could actually get off your butt and move around the room while playing - add a treadmill for some serious action (pain?), if anything it will keep your butt from going numb and maybe ward off what I like to call claw hand. (claw hand being the phenomenon of holding the controller for to long and not using your pinky and/or ring finger for hours - pry the controller away and your hand remains in the same position. At any rate at $250 it doesn't seem like such a bad investment -- you can also download any Nintendo game ever made through the online vault. I think we'll get one. and a big tv. and a PS3. when we have money. alot of money.

Note: I keep wanting to say "Gosh-shoe parking - this is Jalynn."

3.00 hours to go!

(compliments Boingboing)
Ok, this is wild. This chef prints pictures of food with edible, food-based ink on edible paper. The menu is edible - you can break off parts of it to have a taste of the steak. He is completely crazy in his approach to food. He plans on purchasing an intense laser in order to cook food from the inside out, creating perhaps - inside out bread. (BREAK: I suddenly got an intense desire for popcorn. END BREAK) here's the link and here's some pictures of some of his unique items including: Popcorn flavored packing material. champagne and scallops, sushi on paper, raccoon road kill, edible literature, squash ice cream pellets, doughnut soup - and others for which you have to see the pictures.

Ok, enough fun and games (for now), time to get down to serious business. Today is the anniversary of the WTC attacks...I don't really know what is especially significant about the fact that it is the five year anniversary...Sept 11th was a tragic day in american history and those affected by the tragedy should be honored every year, not some arbitrary number or years - nor should the event become a political circus. There should be no fear mongering, no partisan political speeches, no dramatic photo ops - but instead, heartfelt remembrances of the dead.

If we truly wanted to honor the dead of 9/11, we would offer our full support to those that were affected by their deaths and by assisting those who tried to save them. They lied saying the air was safe and no thousands suffer decreased lung capacity. They lied about who was responsible and now thousands are dead. They lied and a sovereign country lies in ruin. They lied and the outpouring of goodwill from the rest of the world evaporated. They continue to lie about 9/11, they continue to lie about the civil war in Iraq, they continue to lie about the threat of a nuclear Iran, and they continue to spread lies about anyone who opposes them- degrading them, demonizing them, and calling them traitors. Mr. Bush, your wars in the Middle East is not WWIII, Al-Qaeda is not the Nazi War Machine and you are not a power unto yourself. America is a land of laws, Mr. Bush, and a land of freedom. We will not live in fear and we will not give up our freedoms.

On this day of remembrance, I stand up and say this is not right, this is not just, this is not the American way. Not in my name.

Last night ABC/Disney aired "The Path to 9/11" marketed as "the story of exactly what happened". The disclaimer reads that it is a "dramatization ....not a documentary" and contains "fictionalized scenes." However, it also says that it is based on the 9/11 Commission Report. Hmm, what could be the problem with showing a highly controversial docu-drama on the anniversary of the worst terrorist event in US history? Oh I don't know, is it crass? is it bound to confound fact and fiction? is it purely partisan? is it CRASS? I can see a documentary being made about the event - documentaries often allow a new angle on an event, maybe something your haven't considered before. They encourage dialogue and can be one way to memorialize and remember people. why why why would you make a drama, based on 9/11, but containing fictionalized scenes, time compression, scenes that flat-out contradict the 9/11 Commission Report, and air in on 9/11. in what world is this okay? in what world is it ok to blame something on a previous administration when that administration handed it to you and you sat on it while you went on vacation. in what world is it ok to completely edit out the scene of our president looking completely befuddled, when we were under attack? in what world do you fictionalize a tragic event, and just make up shit? in what world, do you run it without commercial interruption? in what world, do you offer it as a free download on iTunes? in what world do you send if off to a bunch of school children as educational materials?

In a fucked up world. To date, prominent Democrats and American Airlines (defamed in PT9/11) have threatened legal action. I hope they spank ABC/Disney. And I hope that a majority of Americans recognize PT9/11 for what it is, a giant pile of shit. I hope those Americans lash back at the party that so clearly engineered this. I hope they stand up and say ENOUGH. (like JLo-right Janine) I hope those Americans boycott the corporations that financed this and throw the politicians who condoned it out of office. I hope that there is a great swell of anger rising up from the blue states and the red states that will sweep this government clean and shine light into all of our country's dirty corners. We can be a great nation again.

(and shame on the BBC for airing this pile of shit in Britain)

It's actually much less stressful being on the phone than sitting through training - bossman seems content to let us do whatever online as long as we are "ready" to take calls.

The ultimate in secured/apocalyptic living:

Less than an hour, less than an hour!

Less than a half hour, less than a half hour! (14 interactions today. my computer tells me so.)


Anonymous Janine said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you for bringing back the cubeland! It's good to hear about the miseries others are experiencing in offices across the land - gives us a certain feeling of sisterhood.

On a piece of paper I was writing notes on today, I wrote...
"this is driving me crazy............. *snap!*"

yeah. wow.

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