Friday, September 15, 2006


How is it that lots of people know me by name here, and I have no idea who they are?

Game Stop is the best thing ever. Jen and I have crossed over to the dark side and bought "Dynasty Warriors 4," "Tony Hawke," "Women's Tennis," "NCAA Basketball," and "James Bond." We expect to add "X-men" and soccer to our collection soon.

New favorite random things website: Go there for horror stories of companies and their customer relations.

I may have said this already, but if the war on terror is a "struggle for civilization" as Bush said in a recent speech...why don't we have 500,000 troops over there? Why are they not over-trained and over-equipped? Why is there no draft to ensure that they have enough backup? Why are taxes not higher to pay for all of the things they need to fight for our very civilization? If the war on terror is like fighting the Nazis, where's the conviction? Where are the sacrifices on the homefront?

UPDATE: Ok, I didn't see this earlier, but Jon Stewart covers this

I have sunk to new lows, I am reading the strategy guide for "DW4."

"It must be easier to go to the moon!" the man exclaimed. Um, "I can't really say, sir." I said.

Boy that got the job that I interviewed for just came over to tell me something that I already knew. 1) He was telling the wrong person, there are 3 people here with similar initials and he was mistaken about it being me. 2) I know that marketing calls go to a specific person, I learned that the first day that I was here last year. Let's get something straight BR, I've been here longer than you.

They're digging a moat around Baghdad. Nuff said. Ok, wait, there's more: ok, they are digging a moat and setting up checkpoints to limit access to the city. Isn't the problem that there are already rebels in the city? I mean, yeah, you're essentialy locking them up, by locking them in, but won't they wreak havoc while they're in there? And really, how hard is it going to be for the rebels that blend into society to move freely about or be resupplied. Someone somewhere said that a great campaign ad would be a picture of Baghdad before the invasion, sans moat - and one after complete with destruction and rubble.

This is wild - - These coral reef fish can change their sex at will. Becoming male or female or both.

Meanwhile, did I mention the moat?

Meanwhile, this is what passes for journalism these days.

Check this:

Freedom beckons in just 13min


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