Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I hate the new system. I hate the new system. I hate the new system. It takes twice as long to do everything and half the time the site is down. Why? Because the need more bandwith. lots more.

I was just on the phone with some woman for an hour. An hour. She insisted on keeping me on the line while she waited for an email to arrive. and then another and then another. turns out the whole ordeal was her fault - didn't keep her from blaming me though, she asked to speak to a supervisor. luckily for me, my supervisor seemed to hate her as much as i did.

Lunch is over and I would like to go home now. Also, it is extremely busy today and that makes me sad - because I can not update as often. Not to mention the fact the new system sucks.

So, Congressman Foley still also still sucks. Breaking news said that he interrupted at vote on the house floor to have cyber sex with at teen. It appears that he may have met up with one or more pages for sexual activity. Read the chats for yourself (not safe for work):
also, fox news had the incriminating emails and held the story and gop house leadership knew lots and said little. BUSTED. and Congressman Reynolds holds creepy press conference standing behind about 30 kids - he declined to dismiss the children when reporters wanted to ask adult questions about the scandal. Creepy Creepy

I was just on the phone with someone for another hour. Unlike the first hour long call, he was quite pleasant. I think it had to do with the fact that I knew that he wasn't our client but I was still staying with him trying to get him to someone that could help him. You would think that the company that he bought $500k in product from, would be able to find someone (anyone) to assist him. Instead, I had to get on the phone and bitch slap them around. Maybe he'll tip me.

On the upside, I'm seeing my financial advisor tonight - otherwise known as Jen :)

I would like to go home now. 40min remain. 40 interactions.

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Blogger Ariela said...

Did you see anything about the fact that O'Reilly covered the Foley story and the little on-screen tag labeled him a Dem? Yeah, no kidding.

12:25 AM  

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