Friday, October 06, 2006

Still busy drumming up business for Jen - be with you shortly.

I hate when people use the incorrect form of "you are." The correct form is "you're" not "your."

I just helped a woman place a $250,000 order. I feel a little special.

Why don't people like me? Another woman asked to speak with my supervisor. Hanging my head in shame, I went to talk to Bossman. I told her the situation and gave her the account number- pulling up the name she said "oh god - i talked to this bitch over email already, i went round and round with her." and i thought to myself, i don't feel so bad anymore.

It's 12:09 and I want to go home. Golly, only 5hr and 21min remain. Fortunately, Ariela is online to keep me company. In other news, I did a load of laundry last night. I know, I hope you were sitting down for that. Also, I bought one of those laser lights for pets...Tasty and Monkey can not get enough of it - with a flick of the wrist they are tearing through the apartment, approaching the speed of light. With such strenuous exercise, it's not long before they have completely worn themselves out. I highly recommend getting one - just don't look at that dot of light on the floor for too long, it makes your eyes hurt.

Foley update:
2 GOP leaders say "woulda coulda shouda"
1 GOP leader says "what do you want me to do, take off my shirt and give myself 40 lashes?"
and the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) wants an investigation into the (apparent) dissemination of a coverup story about why they didn't investigate those "naughty emails."

Well that one call only toom me 18 minutes to figure out. And, while on hold, I got to listen to "Another one bites the dust." I really like listening to the different hold music. Once it was Nsync played on the flute. No, really.

Via Raw Story (via BBC) - Want to live until you're over 100 - indulge in a heavy diet of cigars, sex and coffee....also manual labor, white meat, fish, eggs, milk, vegetables, and lay off the alcohol. Sounds like a pretty good life to me...i'll be heading off to my cabin in Canada, where i will hunt and fish all day and do nothing else.

With this whole foley thing, I can't help but sit back and gleefully watch the GOP tear itself apart. Election day is 33 days away.

This is so cool - Secret rooms.

Here's something - this guy (nascar fuel expert) says he can make a high octane fuel that is molecular indistinguishable from gasoline from pig waste - "pigoline." There's at least one MIT scientist that says it's possible. And there's no catalyst and no combustion - the process of turning poop to gas takes about three hours and there are no waste products. if this guy gets backing - he could be huge.

Update on the GOP tearing themselves apart (ugh - I'm really going to link to fox news...) Fox news reports that an internal GOP poll suggests that if Hastert does not resign - the GOP could suffer "massive losses" in the house come election day. What does "massive losses" mean? 20-50 seats. The dems only need a net gain of 15 to take back the House. as of earlier today, the were polling ahead of the repubs in 11 of 15 competitive races. and what did hastert announce earlier today in his press conference, that he won't be resigning because that would be just what we dems = gleefully jumping around.,2933,218043,00.html

Don't lie to me lady - you didn't fax your order in, you called it in, and faxed over an agreement. So when you said that you faxed your order in, you misled me and i had to tell you information that would have been correct, had you told me all the facts. so don't get annoyed with me if we've been on the phone for several minutes, and then i have to transfer you.

Who remembers SNOOD? C'mon that game you and everyone you knew, was addicted to in college. You controlled a cannon that shot smiling furry faces at other smiling furry faces, and by forming chains of three or more, you knocked large chunks down? Starting to remember? No? here.
now go play.

On hold again. "Oh god, sorry!" hold again. caller comes back, we chat, i tell her what she wants to hear, she says "i'm loving you." show the love.

They changed the flavor or runts. the only ones that resemble their original flavor are the bananas, strawberries, and oranges. The cherries now suck. they completely did away with lime and they've added blue raspberry - i am not a happy camper.

Three more pages come forward -

I would like to go home now.


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