Monday, October 09, 2006

On the way into work today, I saw a pick up truck....with a spoiler - yep right there on its back gate. It was quiet odd.

See fridays are nice because half the people that work here don't come in - so i get to park in the parking lot that's not a quarter mile away from my office (no really - a quarter mile, i checked.) and half the people around the nation think the weekend starts on friday too, so we take about half the calls that we normally do.

Of course, those 50% of people can still call in with involved questions or issues that require long long discussions with my boss and making 2 or 3 other calls in order to get the information that the caller wants. Yeah, seems all those people, don't start their weekends on friday.

My hours changed as of 10/16, I know come in a half-hour earlier. Really all that does is mess up my morning. Jen leaves at 7a and if I went in at 9a, I could potentially make it to the gym before work, but since i know have to leave at 8a, it doesn't really leave enough time to hit the gym and shower and leave for work. boo on that. and i still got out at 5p, so it's still going to be dark by the time i get home - and who wants to run errands in the dark? not me. dark time means sleepy time.

It's friday it's friday, it's friday. In true college tradition, WILD is tomorrow, and by god, I'm going! I may not drink a six-pack or more and later pass out, but I will go and watch undergraduates do it.

This is some serious lightning:

I would like to go home now.

Also, Keith had another scorcher last night, his best yet. Check it out at

I'm tired of being at work.


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