Friday, October 13, 2006

Good morning, I feel like shit today. I think that I caught whatever Jen had last week - which means that I can look forward to several days of runny nose, headache and congestion. Awesome. I'm hoping that a cup of hot chocolate and some grapes will do wonders to improve my disposition.

Carl just informed me that while he took 70 calls yesterday, our friend the space cadet took 19. Yeah. Slacker.

Well, the hot chocolate and grapes did the trick - I still feel sick, but I feel better than I did when I first got here. yay!

Meanwhile, I forgot this yesterday, but a new study out of MIT puts Iraqi civilian deaths at 650,000. Which is a huge number - and far higher than other studies have reported, however it seems that this report was the only one to use the scientific method and actually polling people in Iraq - lending it significant credence. Expert pollster Zogby, commenting on the method said that he is 95% sure that the number is accurate. (and even if it wasn't, the mere fact that Iraqis think that the US has caused nearly 3/4 of a million deaths is disasterous for american foreign policy in the region - what happened to we leave when they ask us to?)

Twelve percent of my calls today have been in regards to that fraudulent same as cash product that we have previously discussed. I'd say the problem is spreading. We are now advising people to call our fraud number and notify local law enforcement.

I just looked around and realized that I am completely alone in my department. I have no idea where everyone else has run off to.

Yeah and when I looked up and saw that no one was here, it was because I needed some information that is only ain one of the systems that I can'access yet, after having been here for, oh, four weeks.

Oh lord, I just had a phone call that lasted over 25 minutes that contained such gems as "is card value how many i want?" and what does "quantity mean?" Also "will i have these by this wednesday?" Seeing as how it was an order of 1000 that would have to be specially made, I'm thinking you shouldn't have waited until the thursday before...

I would like to go home now. I have a cup of tea waiting for me and some cookie dough. 58min remain. 53 interactions.

Booming economy my ass - this man robbed a bank and promptly turned himself in so that he could receive a prison sentence that would keep him housed and fed until social security kicked in.


Blogger Roko said...

Citation for that study?

7:32 PM  
Blogger Roko said...

Also, you could use some quantum bourbon (aka this). It'll clear up whatever it is you've got...or at least make you forget you've got it.

5:25 PM  

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