Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's amazing how good 10 more minutes of sleep and a hot dog can make you feel in the morning, now, if it only had been slathered with mustard - I would have been ready to freaking GO. Theres something about getting up before 7a, even if I've gone to bed before 10p that just hurts. Jen and I "slept in" until 7:30a on Saturday and it was great - got up, felt fine, bounced around all silly like and then cleaned the apartment, all was well and good.

How is it only 10:02a?

Space cadet has 14 interactions. I have 20 - and have been here 1.5 hours less. She really doesn't do anything. I have no idea how she managed to keep her aux time down to 20% - that means that 80% of the time she is available for phone calls - which is just bull as evidenced by the fact that when carl looked at his interactions (59) and looked at hers (19) - they were so vastly different. They should be very similar. The two are here for the same hours, rated for the same skills, and yet someone takes vastly more calls -- something fishy here.

Speaking of carl - he's in training the whole day, which means that I am stuck with no one to talk to, and I have to go ask the space cadet to do all the things that I would normally have carl do. "why?" you might ask, because I don't have the passwords to do it myself. Thanks alot.

Ok, if you want to check on the status of your order, do not follow this script:
"I'd like to check the status of my order"
"ok, great. do you have the order number?"
" you have the account number?"
"uh, ok - do you have your user name?"
"ok, what's the company name"
"and what day was the order placed?"
"i don't know."
"how much was it for?"
"i don't know."

yeah, don't do that.

Also, I find it very interesting what people will say when they think that they are on hold, when in reality, I have simply placed them on mute. hahaha

Some caller just asked me if I knew anyone with diabetes or cancer and proceeded to tell me about a cure that was discovered in 1951 - check it out, it's the Dr. Budwig diet, and it is supposed to prevent and cure cancer, atrhtirtis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasiss, eczema and acne - all be eating some of the "budwig mix." That's cottage cheese, flaxseed oil and ground flaxseed - YUM YUM.

So NK is reportedly going to test a second nuclear bomb...wonderful. Also, just out, the first explosion was plutonium based, not uranium - making it (definitely) bushies fault, not clinton - the goods, via americablog -

Right so the last time I checked, space cadet had 35 calls, and I had 69. The time I checked before that, she had 33 and I had 56 - which means I am answering 15% of the calls I am. She sucks, I win. Hire me.

My boss just told me off-the-record about a job that hasn't-been-approved-of-yet, but may be opening up after peak --that job would be for me. It would be very similar to what I do now, with a little admin work, reports and the like. I say, it's not my first choice, but since I don't really know what my first choice is, I'll take it.

Also, I asked a question about something that our dear friend Joe (who always get's yelled at) told a client. Turns out the information that he disclosed was a huge no no...this is just the latest in a long line of screw ups on his part. Bossman told me that he'll be gone soon - and I'll have my cube back. Part of the trouble Joe is in, is that he didn't get enough training, the bigger, badder part is that when he doesn't know the answer to something, he just makes shit up. That won't do. Speaking of the cube - since Shane left, my boss offered me his old cube, it has about six times as much desk space as mine, but I'd be seperated from Carl, so I declined - and will remain, sharing a cube with approximately three feet of desk space and no drawers.


Blogger Roko said...

An interesting note on that Budwig diet...

Flaxseed oil is high in α-linolenic acid. Some studies have shown a link between α-linolenic acid and prostate cancer (although research is ongoing). I'd be interested to see if consuming a diet high in a potential carcinogen can really treat cancer.

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