Thursday, November 02, 2006

I know, I know- I haven't been updating as often as I should. I'll try and do better.

My head hurts again - I suspect it is caused by eye strain from staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day with no natural light. Good news though, my heater is still working, and I am snug and warm, snug and warm with a massive headache.

I need a job, a permanent job. I looked all day yesterday - that's where I was, you'll note that the post labeled "wednesday" was actually from tuesday. i don't want a clerical/data entry job. I'm tired of paperwork and computers. I checked out Americorp's Emergency Response Team, but found that they keep you all week and let you go home on the weekend. I checked out a position as a geospatial analyst - but I don't think i have enough science credits. I checked out openings at the Botanical Gardens, and Purina, and the St. Louis County Police. I wish there was a good way for me to just write about myself and put it out in the world - someone would find me and put me to work...and I know I can sortof do that with a resume and coverletter, post it to monster or career builder - but i read that online only lists about 10% of available jobs. most of those jobs are clerical or business- and i don't want that. i need a giant list of available jobs, i need to go through it and highlight things that might be interesting. i need help.

keith olbermann had yet another excellent special comment last night. he took on the ridiculousness that is the uproar over kerry's non-insult to the troops. he points out, and others have noted that kerry's joke cost no one their life. Bush's joke about not being able to find weapons of mass destruction (despite searching high and low in the white house) has killed 2018 of the united states' finest. I saw lots of soldiers in the airports during my trip this weekend. what struck me most, was how young they looked. I know that i'm 23 now and 18 is five years younger, but they looked like they were kids, fourteen or so. It was mind-boggling to think that these kids had been sent to war, over oil - and greed and corruption. Bring them home.
*and in a major speech, Bush says "we cannot allow an oil-rich nation in the Middle East to become a terrorist state" so the war really is all about oil - and all those protesters that had no blood for oil signs, they were absolutely right.

katie and kristen are having an election drunkfest. yay! someone cares enough to watch election results with me. I was going to just keep dan in my ear until all results were in - i'm still going to do that, but i'll also have physical company, which is nice. well informed observers put our pickups in the house at 21-26 and in the senate - 5 seats (though 6 could very well happen) It promises to be exciting - or heartbreaking, election machine problems have already been reported in FL.

I hate going to lunch early, especially an hour early. It throw my whole day off, because I get back at 1pm and then i have four hours to go instead of three. Also, I think I ate too much at Denny's - but it was oh so good. Jen is a hero for always driving out from her work to have lunch with me. there's the Kerry non-issue, but then you have the House Majority Leader John Boehner (let's not even get into the hilarity that is this guy's name) "slams military, not Rumsfeld for Iraq mess" and "Boehner refuses to apologize for faulting generals" reports the Army Times. But which is the bigger according to the mainstream media? well, all i hear about is kerry kerry kerry. let's do a scientific study. go to google news. type "kerry and joke" (3190) then type "boehner and rumsfeld" (240). ergo, the kerry non-story is 12 times more popular than the HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER BLAMING THE TROOPS FOR THE IRAQ MESS. WHAT THE HELL IS THE MEDIA'S PROBLEM?!?

In other news (via americablog) - " President of National Association of Evangelicals accused of 3-year sexual relationship with gay hooker, and of taking drugs " hahahahahahha
*that is all*

Speaking of Kerry - inspired by Americablog (who had it from MyDD) I sent this message:


In 2004, over 171,154 Americans donated $328,479,245 and countless hours of time to help you get elected President. Now, two years later, Democrats have a real opportunity to regain a majority in both chambers of Congress. However, you are still hanging on to $8,352,685 of our money, while Democratic candidates in competitive districts are short on funds, and the DNC, DCCC, and DSCC are out of money.Please release some of that money to help win back a Democratic congress.

Thank you,

Shortly after I got a reply that went like this:

"Thank you for your message, and we appreciate hearing from you.

Unfortunately, the anonymous website which directed you to us is full of lies and misleading statements.

We wanted to make sure you had complete, accurate information about John Kerry's efforts over the last 2 years to support Democratic candidates up and down the ticket all across the country. Here are the facts:

"Give me five more John Kerry's," says Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.). "He's a fighter, and he puts his money where his mouth is. " – Roll Call, 5.1.06

No one has done more than John Kerry to support Democratic candidates. 11 million dollars. Over 200 candidates in more than 40 states. That's how much, together, the community and John Kerry have given to or raised for Democratic candidates and committees since November 2004. John Kerry is aggressively fundraising for Democratic candidates in 2006 – making direct contributions to campaigns, attending and hosting events in the states, emailing his 3 million person list of supporters on behalf of candidates, and raising money for state parties, the DNC, DSCC and DCCC.
"He also won plaudits for working on behalf of House candidates. `The question is was somebody willing to stand up back in the dark days when I needed help, and he was,' said US Representative Rahm Emanuel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. -- Boston Globe, Brian Mooney, 10/9/06
Kerry has personally traveled to 24 states to appear with candidates and rally support at the grassroots. Kerry has made over 85 trips across the country to support Democratic candidates this cycle.
Kerry gave $1 million to the Democratic National Committee and raised an additional $250,000 for the DNC online. Kerry also gave $1 million to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and $500,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Kerry contributed $50,000 to the Louisiana State Party and gave $250,000 to the Washington State Democratic Party which helped finance a recount when the Republican party challenged the win of Gov. Christine Gregoire in 2005. With the help of the community, together we have raised over 100K each for 11 candidates, including Cantwell, Bill Nelson, Byrd, Sherrod Brown, Ford, McCaskill, Klobuchar, Webb, Duckworth, Patrick Murphy and Joe Sestak.
"Kerry has a big electronic address book and he hasn't been shy about using it…it's also bringing in quite a bit of money for Democrats nationwide…he has given or raised nearly $10 million for Democratic candidates and committees since November 2004." – Washington Post, "Kerry Treasury Department," 7.2.06
Getting veteran candidates elected to key seats is a top priority for John Kerry in 2006. He has actively supported over a dozen veteran candidates, including Jim Webb, Tammy Duckworth, and Chris Carney. "The Winners: John Kerry: Kerry not only endorsed Webb but appeared with him Monday for a last-minute campaign rally. Kerry also used his national e-mail list to raise cash and turn out the vote."–, The Fix, "VA Senate Winners and Losers," 6.14.06
Additionally, in 2005-06, John Kerry contributed or raised over $175,200 on behalf of the Massachusetts Democratic party, He has used his email list to recruit over 500 volunteers to support the state's efforts to elect Democrats in November. In the last two months before the election, he will attend 5 events in support of Deval Patrick, the Democratic nominee for Governor, and the Democratic ticket. "

BLAH BLAH BLAH I say. But really, "Unfortunately, the anonymous website which directed you to us is full of lies and misleading statements." 1. How do they know that I'm coming from a website, maybe they idea just popped into my head that Kerry has lots of money, dems need it and maybe he should cough it up. 2. so they knew i was coming from a website, which means they assumed which one it was, and then went on to attack it as being full of lies and misleading statements. I don't really know what's misleading about kerry has money, ask him to give some of it up. i don't think that attacking the blogs that are providing new power for the democratic party is a very smart idea. Mr. kerry, I like you even less than i did previously.

Did I mention that GOOGLE was offered at it's IPO for $85, two years ago? it's now trading at $469.91 - boy I missed the boat on that one. I did say to myself years and years ago, man, i should sure buy me some of that there google. and then i didn't. and then i cried. google.... increased its value by 5.5 times. jalynn.... cried. i say to myself, jalynn, what were you doing two years ago with $85? hmmmm, if you said sitting on it in a savings account, you would be correct. if I had only taken, oh $500, invested it in google and cashed out now, i'd have ~$2300 more dollars than i have right now. well done jalynn, well done.

my new favorite past time is looking up random articles on wikipedia.

In the proud spirit of featuring guest bloggers, here's a post from J9 Brizzle, lifted wholesale from her blog:
Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Seriously? Do I have to put a magnet on my car for that too?
I think the level of patriotism (read: nationalism) in our country has reached a preposterous level. I attended an art gallery opening today and the host introduced a speaker by saying "he recently served our proud country by acting as the United States Ambassador to Belgium." And, for some reason, people felt the need to applaud this "service to our proud country." Seriously? I mean, I completely support the men and women serving our country as troops both domestically and abroad. I can see commending people that have put their life on the line, when duty has asked this of them... but f*cking the Ambassador to Belgium? Yeah. There's a guy that really ponied up to serve. I mean, Belgium is totally such a rogue nation. What with their fine chocolates that, if consumed to excess, would make the masses succumb to the ever-feared Belgian agenda. But, no, Senor Speaker Guy used his vast diplomatic skills to ensure our land would not be invaded by the infamous and cruel Waffle Brigade. A triumphant feat indeed. And for this, I applaud and "woot" for you, sir.

I hate when I get into work late and then feel compelled to stay late to make up for it. That means instead of leaving in 37 minutes, I'll leave in 47 - that just seems so much closer to an hour, and at this point in the day, an hour is terribly long.

this is scary in maryland once you say yes to sex and start intercourse, you can't say no.

Oh we can wish and hope....
From a diary at dailykos:

Former President George W. Bush began serving consecutive life sentences today for High Treason in connection convictions for creating a false casus beli for War with Iraq. He was sentenced to Life plus 100 years. He is also serving a life term for warrantless wiretapping. He is also serving a life term for war profiteering. He is also serving a life term for his role in America's shameful torture gulags. He is also serving a life sentence for 156 of the 175 signing orders, and failure to abide by Federal court rulings and Obstruction of Justice and Perjury.
President Jon Stewart today said, "It's a little sad really. I owe him a lot. I mean, basically he launched my career." Vice President Colbert was unavailable while vacationing in France visiting relatives and stopping by the new UN Headquarters in London on the way back from his rest. In a prepared statement, the Vice President said, "We are all sad and shamed at what George W Bush wrought upon this great nation. Perhaps this will be the new beginning America needs."
Breaking a long silence on the disappearance of former Vice President Dick Cheney, George W Bush's Vice President, the President announced that Cheney was convicted of treason in a secret military tribunal. When asked what would happen to the former Bush official, Stewart answered "He's on his way to Syria in an unmarked jet." Pundits have been conjecturing that Cheney is being waterboarded. Some say he would never survive at his age and poor health. One anonymous official said `former CIA agents would buy tickets to his tortures,' but Stewart Administration Officials refused to comment further.
Department of Health Secretary Michael J. Fox ran his first marathon after years of successful stem cell therapy. He also visited the National Stem Cell Harvesting Lab in the former Huntsville Penitentiary, in Huntsville Alabama, where former Bush Administration officials are working off their prison terms, harvesting stem cells for research and medicine.
A secret military tribunal stripped Federal inmate Rush Limbaugh of his citizenship for years of smearing American heroes. The former extremist is serving a life sentence for propaganda, crimes against the states, and drug trafficking. He shares a cell with convicted propagandist Bill O Reilly, also stripped of his citizenship and serving a life term for treason and propaganda. Mona Charen escaped from the Federal facility some months ago and two weeks ago her body was located on the south end of the island. Without knowing exactly where the island is, authorities reported she died of hypothermia and was eaten by some wild animal. In other Justice Department news, Convicted traitiors Ann Coulter, Michelle Malagang and Judith Miller were denied parole again, and according to military tribunal spokespeople, the last time. Under the new law, they cannot speak in public or publish for the rest of their lives. Convicted propagandist Sean Hannity is challenging his sentence. A Federal judge convicted him of treason and perjury and war mongering and sentenced him to changing bedpans and diapers of soldiers wounded in Iraq II. His attorney says it is "cruel and unusual". At least he has an attorney, said Spitzer.
Films of Donald Rumsfeld and 122 CIA torturers sold today on e-bay for $1million dollars. Rumsfeld and 122 others were found guilty of torture and arrested and tried in Europe in a televised event. A military photographer was allowed to visit the inmates and promised to sell the photos and advance all proceeds to families of American servicemen who are suffering from their wounds. NATO authorities made the arrests and are prosecuting the remaining cases that are now thought to be backlogged for at least 12 years. World Court press releases reveal a request from the United States for an additional $15 billion to find Bush Administration officials still on the loose and thought to be hiding from prosecution. Rumsfeld had warrants in 28 nations by the end of the second Bush Administration.
Chelsea Clinton accepted the position as National Health Care Director. She will administer the application of free medicine to Americans. Ms. Clinton is expected to offer up a budget to Congress in the coming weeks of over $300 billion dollars. The National Health Care Bill provides top medicine to all Americans. Also, it forbids medical providers to withhold service to anyone. It also allows only the National Insurance Agency to bid on care. The National Insurance Agency is the largest and most effective health care provider of its kind outside of China. Each American owns at least a share of the national insurance agency.
The National Freedom Restoration Act Director Michael Moore announced that it will require another 3 years just to locate all the rules and laws that were written by industry officials on the state level. "All Federal statutes and laws and protections that were destroyed by Bush Administration officials have been corrected," said Moore. "It is the corruption in 50 states that will take time to correct." Also, facilities to record and post all meetings between lobbyists and Congressmen will go online at the end of the year. Until that time, all unrecorded lobbying is illegal.
RJ Reynolds worked an agreement with Attorney General Elliot Spitzer and agreed produce all domestic marijuana cigarettes in return for billions in illegal profits returned to the national treasury, and the jailing of an undisclosed number of RJR officials who hid the facts about tobacco from the public. AG Spitzer announced that the splitting of both Wal*Mart and Microsoft will be completed by the end of fiscal 2016. Also, the last hidden profits from Halliburton have been credited back to US courts after investigators and a whistleblower revealed where the money had been hidden. Descriptions and photos of Custer Battles and KBR employees on the loose can be downloaded at NRFA/
The National Science and Evolution Festival kicked off Monday with public school students around the country competing for projects in evolutionary science and nature. Last year, an Ohio 10th grader showed evolutionary changes in house flies in two generations and won a million dollars. Under the National Restoration Freedom Act no one can graduate high school in America without a thorough understanding of Evolution.
The Dow Jones closed at 21,873 today and New York Stock Exchange officials announced that more Americans own stocks than ever before.
The Interior Department announced that more lands have been reclaimed from public developers in 2012 than originally thought. With the addition of a billion acres of wetland added to the National Restricted Development areas, including the newly opened Interstate 10 and the 300,000 acre Katrina Memorial Park on the Gulf Coast.
Republican terrorist groups threatened to disrupt upcoming elections next year. However, experts say that online voting has made disrupting elections so rare that they doubt that domestic terrorists will have much effect on the elections.
Election experts predict massive Congressional wins for the Progressive Party that is expected to hold 200 seats. Democrats will likely hold onto 20 of the remaining 38 seats and Independants will hold the rest. Under the National Restoration Freedom Act, Republicans will not be allowed to fly, vote or run for office until 2030. Experts predict by then the Republican Party will be a memory. A painful one, but a memorynonetheless.
Billionaire Markos Moulitsas denies he has offered to sell Daily Kos to Google. Mr. Moulitsas has also denied that he will step down from President of the national Progressive Party and run for President. "I have no control over the party. Truly I don't," he told reporters.
The FBI reported today that crime was down for a 6th consecutive year under Progressive rule. World terrorism also fell again, and Ahmad Almandi will be the first Palestinian Secretary General of the UN. Palestine became a nation in 2009.
Divorce attorneys are losing ground, says the American Bar Association. "Americans are staying married longer and Gay marriages are the longest lasting," experts say.
The Old Fox News sign that once sat on a building near Times square went on sale at e-bay and was sold for $14.
This is David Brinkley III for National Public Radio.


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