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I had a fantastic weekend in Philadelphia! The only downside was that our flight was delayed leaving on Friday night so I missed the cards win the world series, and we had a 6:30a flight on monday - but the rest of the weekend was brilliant. Nick is an absolute hero and surrendered his bed to us for the entirety of our stay. his apartment is absolutely amazing - all exposed brick, exposed beams, giant windows and hardwood floors, complete with loft. saturday i got to see dan and ariela! and sunday nick, ariela, jen and i went to nyc and met up with my dear friend matt - who i haven't see in ages. We went on a food tour of new york. grey's papaya for hot dogs, a delicious french bakery for sugary treats, rays original pizza and pomme frites for some supurb belgian fries with mango mayo, peppercorn parmesean mayo, curry ketsup, rosemary garlic mayo and pesto mayo -- mmm mm. I can't wait to go back and I would love to move to philly/nyc as soon as possible.

I mean we have to get out or stl right? because it's fucking dangerous, i'd like to point out that st. louis beat out detroit and compton for the most dangerouscity award. so much for that loft downtown sometime in our near future.

also, we skipped work monday - we called in and told our respective bosses that there was a mechanical difficulty on our flight and it was cancelled, we were forced to take a (much) later flight. what did that mean for us? going back to bed, which we were grateful for because it was 4:30 est when we got up.

so last week or two weeks ago, I read that 4 soldiers were killed in iraq - 3 marines and a sailor. here's what i want to know, what was a sailor doing in the fucking desert? oh right, i remember, they don't have enough ground troops so they're retraining sailors and airmen as infantry. way to go usa.

A little fun from MS over at Gosh shoe:

Dear Sir/Ms:

My daughter is a freshman at Goshu. Two weeks ago I decided to modify my business trip (we are from California) to visit her. I also did a fair bit of homework up front to get a map of the campus, location of parking spaces as well as location of where I could purchase parking passes. The VERY FIRST thing I did when I arrived on campus was to go to the bookstore to purchase 2 one-day passes as I planned to visit her over a 2 day period. The next thing I did was go park in a Yellow Zone as I believe I was supposed to and put the first of the two passes on the rear view mirror so it could be properly viewed. I felt good that I thought I had done everything correctly.

Two hours later i returned to my car . . . and had received a ticket! I could not imagine what it was for. So I read the citation . . . "ticket not scratched!" Then I looked at the fine print on the pass, and sure enough, it says that the ticket needs to be scratched.

I was furious! I had a few options: 1. pay the citation. 2. follow-up with you. 3. throw it away.

Option 1: pay the citation was not a good one for two reasons: a) unfair. had the bookstore warned me, maybe. but b) had i paid, i knew if would affect my donation to the school - why would someone want to give generously to a school that dislikes its parents and alumni?

Option 2: Follow-up with you. That one was an easy No. I chose to spend time with my daughter (while on campus).

Option 3:. Throw it away. Best choice. The school had already been paid for my parking for my two visitation days. I was driving a rental, so the probability that I would need to deal with reprocussions was small. And it didn't seem fair that a school as a whole should penalized (changing a donation) for the EXTREMELY POOR JUDGEMENT of the campus parking services.

So now I would like to submit to you a question that you may want to give some thought to: DO YOU CARE ABOUT PARENT/ALUMNI RELATIONS?

If so, I suggest that you think about your ultraaggressive fine policy. If you don't care, please let me know as I will be seeing the chancellor on Saturday and would like to discuss whether he and the rest of the Gosh shoe administrative community agrees with your tactics.

NOTE: The rest of the U.S. issues warnings or other forms of notice that seems to do the trick. Perhaps you may want to consider learning from them.

and her response:

Mr. Mxxxxx:

As stated on the back of your parking citation,Gosh shoe has an "Only Ticket Policy," which means that the shoe will void one parking citation per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). If this is your only citation, and you don't receive another citation from gosh shoeby June 30, 2007, this ticket will be automatically voided. This policy serves as the "warning" system you suggested the shoe adopt.

We strive to maintain adequate signage to ensure proper parking for our students, staff and visitors, and we also try to provide clear and concise instructions for parking through our website, from our staff, and on the permit. I am truly sorry that you found the instructions on the daily permit to be inadequate.

Since our campus is located in an urban area, the parking situation is very difficult to maintain. Additionally, there are currently many construction projects on campus which will be bringing some exciting additions and changes - until these projects are complete, available parking has been greatly affected, which in turn affects everyone in the shoe community. It has been a very difficult time indeed as we await the completion of these projects while maintaining sufficient available parking. In order to guarantee that everyone who wishes to drive to campus may find a place to park, it is necessary to require permit-only parking areas and to strictly enforce these areas.

It is not an attempt to break down the relationship of Gosh Shoe with its parents and alumni - we try to best accommodate everyone who wishes to be a part of the shoe, and it is the mission of our department to do so with fairness, courtesy, consistency and efficiency. We truly respect each individual who makes Gosh shoe the outstanding institution that it is, which absolutely includes parents and alumni.

I would like you to know that I have forwarded your comments to the Director of Parking Services, and I thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns with us.

Again, I would like to apologize for your inconveniences with this matter, and ask for your understanding. I hope that you have not been deterred from visiting Gosh shoe's campus or enjoying the time you spend here. Please feel free to call our office for assistance with parking – you can reach us at 555-555-5555. I gathered from your e-mail that you are planning to attend Parents' Weekend. I hope that you have a safe trip and enjoy your visit. Please let me know if there's any way I can help.

Thank you,


Customer Service Representative

Gosh shoe Parking Services

and there was no more that day.


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WTF were you doing in NYC without telling me?


The USMC does not maintain it's own medics; the Marines have been served by Navy Hospital Corpsmen since WWI. That is probably why a sailor was killed with marines in action.

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