Tuesday, November 14, 2006

aaaaaaaaand we're back.

Katie informed me that though the standoff two blocks from her office did not end until after 7pm on Friday, she was allowed to go home.

I am incapable of waking/staying up late anymore. Because I get up at 6am on the weekdays, I can sleep no later than 7:30am on the weekends - this means that I also go to bed early. This is why I feel old. I intend to work out more so that I can have more energy to ....unpack! The t-room is still overflowing with unpacked boxes. Jen and I said that we would unpack three a day until they were gone, starting yesterday. Unfortunately, we unpacked zero. We also said that we would do laundry, unfortunately we did none of the four large mounds that we have. We said that we would start working out again, and we did...sort of. Last night we resumed our long put on hold habit of boxing. and it felt great! unfortunately it only lasted for a couple of minutes, and it did make my teeth rattle, but on the whole it was nice, especially with christmas music in the background. and, surprisingly, I am not sore today.

Meanwhile, Lieberman is still a shit. Witness "Lieberman Leaves GOP Door Open" http://www.courant.com/news/politics/hc-lieberman1113.artnov13,0,6768878.story?coll=hc-headlines-politics-state

jen is a hero and came to have lunch with me ... again. and she brought delicious delicious mexican from this place called matador. mmm mm yum. and i have left-overs for dinner.

happy feet is coming out on friday, joy joy joy joy! i have waited many months for happy feet and now i will be satisfied by an imax experience - speaking of which, if you want to go, let me know.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnd, i'm goiing to london in june and paris.

in other news, i hate this place. i am now actively looking for another job. did i mention that i hate the job search. why can't someone just find me? who knows. so i hate this place. i hate the lights and the smell and the cube - i don't even have a whole cube! i have approximately 4 feet of desk space and no walls. i hate this place. hopefully they will give me the job and i will get a real cube in the new place (yes they are moving) and hopefully the new place will have natural lighting and not be a former warehouse. hopefully the new place will be able to stay warm and have pleasant colors.

and the car is broke again. something with teh power steering - like it doesn't work. you never know how much you rely on the power steering until it's gone- you really have to fight the wheel - really the whole car. it makes it pretty impossible to drive.

i hate mondays

and this is why:

I had a woman call in asking why her order had been cancelled. I looked in the system and yes, it said that her order had been cancelled. I looked at the notes and it said the order had been rekeyed as a different order number (B) - so I looked up that order number only to find that it had been rekeyed as a different order number (C) - so I looked up that order number only to find that it had been rekeyed as a different order number (B). How's that for circular reasoning? Eventually I determined, that despite the notes about rekeying, one of the orders was still good and would go out when we received payment. ugh.

the second story is about a woman that called in to cancel two orders. i took her account number and order numbers, i sent a not along to finance to have those orders cancelled only to have them get back to me that not only were there no orders under that account for the amounts that I had given, but those order numbers did not exist. further, i had failed to get the womans name and number because i assumed that they would be attached to her account info. silly me.

i hate mondays


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Wow, you hate Lieberman too? We actually agree on something political!

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