Monday, November 20, 2006

It's funny how some young "professionals" are just high school kids, with high school drama and high school antics, that have well paying jobs.

They should put solar panels on the top of the fleet of cars that Americans drive to work everyday and leave to do nothing, the whole day in the parking lot. Why not equip those cars with solar panels, use that fancy new technology that allows you to wirelessly charge things, and put those cars to work! I wonder how much energy could be produced - enough to power part of the workplace? Shouldn't that alone be enough incentive? Ok, if the cars were fitted with a solar panel capable of producing 750 W/day (median production capability) and there are 144 million cars in the US - we'll say half are fitted with panels - we could produce 52,500 mW/day. For perspective, a residential house uses .5mW/month. I think solar panels on cars would be well worth it...

Speaking of worth it, here's something that's not...worth it. I saw on ebay today, a Play Station 3 (bought new for around $600) that was going for $7500 with 17 minutes remaining. There were 51 bidders....who are these people? Who is going to pay almost 8 GRAND for a toy that will be available for 92% less in around two weeks? Apparently many many people. If I had been smart, I would have gathered the money together and stood in line to get a PS3 and then sold it for a HUGE profit. silly me. UPDATE: I just saw one go for $15k - and didn't include shipping! hahahaha! and it didn't include shipping! hahaha ....what i don't get is the same offering that went a minute later for $3k....

and silly my sister. she has tickets to the USC v. Notre Dame game and she is not selling them...just check out what she could be getting for them on ebay.

Fridays are always nice and quiet. And that's the way I like it. Happy Feet tonight!

Space cadet is interviewing for an internal transfer position here. If she gets it, I am virtually guaranteed a permanent job here- so as much as she annoys us, cross your fingers!

Sitting watching people bid exorbitant amounts on ebay, for a toy, is a great way to pass the time at work.

so a student who refused to show his student ID at the school library after hours because he felt he was being racially profiled was tasered five times at UCLA by campus police. Several of the shocks happened while he was handcuffed. he is now filing suit for excessive force. i think he should file charges. more on this later.


Blogger Lauren said...

Early reports state that the UCLA student who was tasered by UCPD last week did not refuse to show his ID, he simply did not have it. He was on his way out of the library (after being asked to leave repeatedly) when the police entered and grabbed his arm. At that point he began to yell for them to let go of him, after which the cops tasered him. Then they handcuffed him and tasered him again..and again..and again. I think racial issues should be set aside here. Regardless of whether he was asked to produce his ID in a routine check or if he was racially profiled, there was absolutely no reason for the cops to respond in a violent manner. The cellphone video on YouTube is graphic but necessary to understand how horrific this event actually was.

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Blogger Roko said...

Solar power isn't so much my thing, but I do know that the "wireless charging" that you talk about is electromagnetic induction. As EMI depends on a changing magnetic flux, you have to use an alternating current (as is found in house current in the US). A battery charged by photovoltaics produces direct current, and since Δ(ΦB) is 0, there is no induction. You'd either need a plug (expense and inconvenience) or an inverter (not 100% efficient). An interesting concept, but probably not worth the massive expense.

IMHO, the future probably lies in GM biofuels, such as algae engineered to produce high concentrations of lipids that can be made into biodiesel. Much love to Monsanto et al.

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