Thursday, November 16, 2006

It started raining last night, it's still raining, it's not supposed to stop raining until friday morning - and that includes snow tonight and thursday. yuck.

ok, if you were ordering something, and i was walking you through the order, and i said "click on the link that says 'click to purchase'" and you saw on the screen a link that said "click here to place order," what would you think? you would not believe the number of people that are so afraid to click a button - like we are magically going to go into their bank account and take money - that they won't use a little common sense. "Click to purchase," "Click here to place order." grr.

another pet peeve - when i'm directing someone how to do something and they refuse to do it they way that I'm tellin them to do it - even though i'm telling them the right way. case in point: lots of people have problems when we resend a new password, is it an "O" or an "0" is it an "I" or a "1" - what we do is tell people to copy and paste the password directly into the password field in order to bypass user error. Some people refuse to do this... "Ok, I've sent out a new password, if you can copy and paste the password from the email directly into the password field, it should let you right in." clack clack clickity clack "It's not working" "Did you-" "Oh, is that an 1 or an I..." "Ma'am if you just copy and paste it-" "It's not WORKING." "Ma'am-" "Ok, let me try one more thing.....oh! it's an "I" maybe that's why it wasn't working." Really? The password wasn't working because you were entering the wrong one? Really? Well, we'll have to do something about that - like not having passwords anymore. Then you'll never have to figure out if it's an "I" or a "1" - or you could just copy and paste like I asked you.

I know, I've been absentee again today - but I did buy an air rifle - proceed to target process fun, do not pass Go.

Management randomly bought pizza and ice cream for the entire office today - that's pretty nice, sure beats easy mac and no dessert. I had a delicious chocolate lovers drumstick. mmm mm. also my boss told me that the job posted and additionally the fourth full time position for what i'm doing now was also approved for next year - but it was unclear when it would post. she did say that she had spoken with bossman and she was amenable to keeping me temping until it became available - so one way or the other, it does look like i will continye to be emplyed by aeis - cross your fingers. god forbid cancel cancel jewish jewish spit spit spit (hat tip ariela).

carl just said into his phone "wobble wobble - drop it like its hot"

you know, working here isn't so bad when you know it's pouring outside - though the realization that you did not bring a coat or an umbrella puts a little damper on that.

here's how neurotic i am: 10 minutes after I started my morning commute it occured to me that I may not have turned off teh stove from when i made myself an egg this morning. so instead of saying, surely i turned it off - i turned around and drove all the way back the house (in the pouring rain) to find that I had, in fact, turned it off. silly me. and the whole thing defeated the purpose of leaving for work early - on order to avoid the rain storm that was about to hit. so instead of being early and dry at work, i was late and wet. nice.


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