Monday, November 27, 2006

I am now fully insured. Thanks to wonderful financial advisor, I am set with Life (pending the passing of all my medical exams - oh boy!), Health and Disability - they even do car insurance! I have begun retirement planning! Now I just need a steady job with a steady income so I can steadily add to all my investments. woo woo.

Today is a short day - if call volume is low, they're going to let us go two hours early. This is good for a number of reasons. 1) short day! 2) I have a Borders coupon that I have to use today - so I can go after work, and still have enough time to pack an overnight bag - if we do decide to go to T-ville tonight...mmmm family fun with Jen's family. 3) short day! And call volume looks good so far, 45 minutes, one call. I should know by 12 if they're going to let us go. AND, my boss passed out Turkey day cards and chocolates - so the morning at work has started off well.

What is not good is that I failed to get my time card in on time - which means that I won't be paid for last week until next week - not good, not good at all. Stupid me, stupid me.

My new air rifle is very very cool - the only potential problem is with the scope, there's something wrong with it, or I'm not mounting it correctly because i can be looking at the dead center of the bull's eye - and have the shot hit down and to the right by several inches - I had much better luck without the scope. Now I just need to set up an actual range in the house instead of shooting at the trap, sitting on the couch. I did wear safety goggles though.... I want to shoot outside, but it's always dark when I get home and I don't want to freak people out shooting a rifle in my backyard ...additionally I don't know if there are any ordinances about shooting....

So, recall with me that when Lieberman lost the Democratic primary he formed his own party Connecticut for Lieberman (CfL) - fast forward to now. Apparently CfL has no actual members so an annoyed democrat in Connecticut switched his party affiliation to CfL - promptly called a meeting, nominated himself chairman, seconded the nomination and started establishing rules for the party - which he then sent to the sec of state of CT. He also put out a statement that the party of CfL disapproved of Lieberman's abandoning the party by insisting he be called an "independent democrat" in the senate.

It's cold in here. Sometimes at work, I don't think I'll ever be warm again. I want to turn my space heater up, but I don't want to blow the whole circuit - damn them and their unheatable warehouse!

I was first introduced to garum by one Professor Dale at WashU. During her class on archeology she told us about "the unspeakable fish sauce" and how much those gosh darned Romans loved their sauce. When talking about/mentioning garum - she would always say "Garum, the UNSPEAKABLE fish sauce." this has been a memory - welcome to my thoughts. Anyway, here's that garum actually contains - we'll do it in rachel ray format:

take aromatic herbs - dill, coriander, fennel, mint oregano etc
cover bottom of jar
add chopped fatty fish (especially guts)
add 1.5 inches of salt
repeat until jar is full
allow to sit one week in the sun
mix sauce daily for 20 days
enjoy the liquefied salty fish goo.

so the reason i bring it up, is because the one of the largest Roman ships was just found off the coast of Spain. It contained among other things, 1,200 jars of fishy goodness. Note that each jar is currently worth about $1000 to collectors - this prompted the authorities to build a giant metal cage around the whole thing. Here's one last quote about this "delicacy."

"Garum was a highly prized condiment and very nutritious, too, but made out of internal [fish] organs," she said. "I'm told it was extremely smelly, but the Romans just loved it."

Yesterday, I was all thrown off time-wise because we ate lunch early (pot luck thanksgiving dinner, no less), and so I had many more hours after lunch than I thought i would have. So at one point, when I thought that it should be about 4:30p, I looked at the clock and it as only 2:40p - I about cried.

People always continue to disappoint me... on the phone. Would you really talk to someone in person the way that you just talked to me on the phone? How about formulating your thoughts on a given subject, for instance your question, before you dial the number? That way, I don't have to listen to you stutter for 30-seconds, while you figure out what you want to say.

1hr 45min, 8 calls.

Meanwhile, Google hit $500 yesterday and apple hit its all time high too. fuck me. explain to me again, why I didn't buy these stocks years and years ago? since i fictionally bought google, it's up $92, apple is up $31 and jcrew is up $14. silly silly me.

I hate when people won't get off the phone with me and it is past 5pm. I know, I know. How could they know that I get off at 5pm? But the better question is, why are they still working after 5pm? Especially when they are so dumb. This guy wanted to know why we couldn't tell him all the information that he entered and would continue to enter - why couldn't we spit that back out for him? and, "how was he supposed to know what he had ordered?" The better question is, if he entered the information in the first place, wouldn't he know what he had ordered? And why was he keeping me on the phone with his inane questions? I suggested an excel spreadsheet..."but what if my computer crashes? I'll lose everything!" are people stupid, i asked myself. i calmly suggested that he save his file, or save it to a disk, or email it to himself. 7 minutes later he agreed that maybe that could work. i didn't leave last night until 5:25p. grrrr.

anyway, it's 3:30 now and they're letting me go, i have a fun filled family night tonight and tomorrow, after that it's relaxing and relaxing. have a good long weekend everyone, we'll be back on monday.


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