Monday, July 16, 2007

Week of 7/9

This weekend was pretty great. If anything, it was jam packed. Thursday night we went out with our cousins for dinner at Mokabe's. Friday night was dinner at BWW with Jordan, Ariela and co, then Transformers. Saturday was river fun - complete with skiing and muscle soreness inducing tubing (I have a little black eye) and then Novak's, and then After. Sunday we just laid around, watching Lost, all freaking day.

So, overdraft fees. let's talk. Overdraft fees made sense back in the day when people mostly wrote paper checks. It covered the cost and the hassle of the bank running a check that did not have enough funds behind it in the account to cover it. Bad on you, for writing a check that bounced. Now, when you switch to debit cards, that is tied DIRECTLY to your account. that means, that if you don't have the money to cover a transaction, it should just come back declined. MUCH LIKE A CREDIT CARD. But no, banks let the transaction go through again and again, even if you don't have sufficient funds. Why is this you might ask. So they can charge you outrageous overdraft fees. Bastards. We just had an interaction with BofA over this, fortunately, Jen e is a fucking rockstar and they ended up submitting, but only because she had iron-clad proof that THEY fucked up. But, it's really beside the point: if your card is tied to your account, and your account doesn't have enough funds, the transaction should not go through. Why else would the little screen come up on the swipe box "Transaction approved"?

About me flying off the tube. The thing about tubing, is that when the boat makes a fast left, the tube (and you) go right and because of centrifugal motion, you actually go a lot faster than the boat, in fact you go almost twice as fast. So when the driver took a left at 35 miles an hour, that means I was going damn near 60mph when I flew off the tube and hit the water. They tell me that I must have skipped 20 feet across the water. And, I'll tell you that my body feels every last foot of it. Ouch...but oh so much fun....and it's pleasantly sore, not like "oh god, i hurt so much." Though, i frequently forget about my blackening eye and rub/scratch it - then it fucking hurts.

Jen just called to tell me that it was hailing at our house. Here, the sun is shining. Well, it WAS shining how there's some serious clouds moving in. Bring on the hail. We need so minor, but very costly hail damage to our car....Jalynn cackles evilly. The last time we had some good hail, my car took some minor but very expensive damage and I was able to pay off a chunk of the car and my insurance for months. pray for hail.

China executed a corrupt official. We need some more of that. Ripped off thousands of employees, Enron? Toast. War profiteerting, Halliburton? Toast. Watching an American city drown? you're done.

Senator Vitter - rightwing blowhard that got his jollies by telling you and me what we could and could not do in OUR bedrooms, apparently also got his jollies with Madam DC's hookers... oh the irony. See I don't care what you do in your personal life, I don't care if you have to pay for sex because no one will do you. I DO care when you are a hypocritical asshole and tell ME what I can and cannot do. All the while, you're seeing hookers. Fuck off wanker.

Ever get a song in your head and you can't get it out. The only way to get it out is to play it a whole bunch of times until it is actually driven out of your head. Now imagine that you are stuck at work, and there is a song stuck in your head, and you have your mp3 player, but you do not have that song. GOD BLESS THE INTERNET. because we do have myspace and bands tend to put their songs on their myspace. freedom.

so, yesterday (tuesday) we bought tickets to go see Harry Potter at 11:59pm. we had this elaborate plan about how i would come home, we would have dinner, take a nap, get up, go see the movie, go the gym and then just stay up all night - because really, if you're getting out of a movie at 2:30am and you have to be up at 6am, what's the point in going to bed? Our plan however was summarily derailed when I hit the OFF button on the alarm, rolled over to tell Jen that we had to wake up, only to fall asleep myself. Not to awaken until 11:30. Now this would have been fine if we were going to the theatre by our house, but we were going to one a fair distance away. Alas, we did not go - and instead opted to burn our $20 and get a good nights sleep. We were right about the $20 but not about the good nights sleep. Why? you ask.

1) after sleeping soundly for several hours, alarm goes off at 10:30pm
2) jolt awake at 11:30pm, get up, start to get dressed, realize that we will not make movie
3) awake at 2am when Dublin vomits on the bedspread, pull cover off, lay down on bare mattress because Dublin peed on the sheets earlier
4) jolt awake at 5am when Tasty manages to open the locked bedroom door.
5) jolted awake by the alarm going off at 6am

So both our plans to see Harry Potter and our backup plan of getting some rest, were foiled.

I had two interviews for my position here this week. I'm told that they were both formalities. I'm also told by my boss that she would like to offer it to me today, but the people that need to sign off on the offer are not here today - she says early next week. Sweet - finally. The pay is going to be the same, but there will be juicy juicy mango- i mean benefits (name that movie for bonus points). so yeah. there's that.

meanwhile, Jen and I are off to Pitchfork Music Festival this weekend in Chicago, it should be pretty spectacular weather, sunny and in the low 80s. Nice.


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You're going to Pitchfork? My Threadless-wearing, XMU-listening, RIAA-hating inner hipster is quite jealous. My inner goth, on the other hand, just sneers.

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