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So today is the last day of the fiscal year here at the office. Instead of rewarding me with a permanent position, they have rewarded the department with a food day and some movie tickets. Hopefully the permanent position will be forthcoming. Until then, I will enjoy cookies, bacon, bagels, sausage links, gooey butter cake, donuts, the obligatory fruit, and various drinks. oh and the movie tickets, $20 fandango bucks, I'll take it.

So this headline (from NYT) does not bode well for Giuliani: "Giuliani testified he was briefed on Kerik in '00" Ok, so the headline really doesn't tell you what this is all about...so I will. Giuliani nominated Kerik to be the top-law enforcement guy in New York City. The only problem, Kerik has significant ties to organized crime. Ooops.

McCain took another hit today. It's being reported that early on, at the start of the Bush Administration, McCain considered leaving the GOP - probably because the party stood by while Bush and Rove manhandled him right out of the race. So what does this do to his presidential aspirations? Well, he might be hoping that it makes him appeal more liberal/progressive/independent voters ( by running away from Bush. But in reality, it sure doesn't help in getting the conservative voters out to vote. Who wants to vote for someone who was going to desert his party, Lieber-I mean McCain? So whether it was planned to get him new voters, or is just some news that has come out, it looks BAD for John McCain.

Lunch was also provided today. I love Imo's.

I hate when we get special projects to do. Especially on a Friday, when normally I would just sit and do nothing, because call volume is very light on Fridays. But no. Today we had to make a bunch of calls to recipients of cards. The cards should have been bulk shipped to the client. But the client made an error and since they're a big account, we had to clean up the mess. Fun for us. and by us, I mean me and carl.

I like Carlos. He's a semi-new guy in a different department, but he's over in the bullpen alot. Hey's ex-military and can do the best gay man impression I've ever seen. Today he was saying something about Blackwater. He said I should look up Blackwater, and I said, you mean this Blackwater? and I held up my heavily noted copy of Blackwater: The rise of the worlds most powerful mercenary army. He laughed and high fived. This is one of the many reasons, I love carlos.

I'm off to edit my delicious tags. This should not be fun.


Why is it that mondays are so very very bad? Why are the weekends so short?GAH! I do not know what the problem is today. People are fucking crazy. Rhonda thinks it's the full moon. I don't have any explanation to the bitchy, assholish, nasty people we've been getting on the phones today. And I have to do more call-outs, grrrrrr.....

It's not that I'm tired per se, it's that I'm sleepy. I got enough sleep. I think, my funk is just due to the weekend being too short. The weather being nice (80 degrees today!), and me being at work. BOOOOO on work. The weekend was good though. Mexican on friday night - fantastic margaritas. The also have sour cream enchiladas - eh eh - good, I know. I had a chicken empanada (fantastic) and a chicken enchilada (and I couldn't have been happier).

We actually went out quite a bit last week. Dinner at Il Vicino on Tuesday and Chocolate Bar on Thursday - god I love their Bailey's Brownie....if you can get it with mint ice cream....get it with mint ice cream. Saturday was good beer (Cherry Wheat) and basketball. Sunday we saw 300 in the morning (i liked it, Jen thought it was lame) for free, then some minor cleaning, ice cream and snacks, sex and the city. and then there was monday. and monday sucked.

Somehow Romney managed to raise $23 million in the first quarter - god only knows how he did it.More trouble for Giuliani - turns out his (third) wife is a ghoul. Seems she used to be a saleswoman for a surgical instruments distributor and demonstrated how they were used on live dogs IN ORDER TO SELL MORE OF THEM. The dogs were later put down because of inability to recover, or they died during the demonstration. Yeah, he has problems. Mrs Giuliani is NO Elizabeth Edwards. (Speaking of which, Edwards put up a respectable $14 million)

Clinton raised $26 million. and broke records.

how the hell did romney raise $23 million....

Obama has not yet announced his numbers, but Kos thinks it's because he's waiting for the news to die down over eveyone else's numbers. Then he'll announce HUGE numbers. let's not forget, this is the man that drew 20,000 to a speech - this early in the game. His website registers donations from 83,000 unique donors. HUGE numbers.

Meanwhile, McCain still sucks. I don't have his fundraising numbers, but I don't need them. Not after the story that he strolled the safe streets of Baghdad this weekend....Made safe by the US Army that swept the area before he came through and provided him with body armor, 100 soldier-bodyguards, 2 gunships, and 3helicopters. Baghdad? safe? Remember this is the guy that said that General Patreaus walks around Baghdad without protection all the time. So, either McCain was lying and General Patreaus doesn't walk around without protection (we already talked to the good general, and he doesn't walk around without protection) or McCain is a big weeny and needs a hundred soldiers to protect his sorry ass. McCain is toast. (he's only 20% to take the nomination over at intrade, incidentally, Giuliani is only 33% to take it. I'm still looking for a dark horse... speaking of Fred thompson, he garners almost 18% and he hasn't announced yet.)

UPDATE - I have his fund raising numbers. he's the darling of the establishment, what with all of his zany maverick-ness (not). At any rate, he didn't raise much. $12.5 million. Romney raised more than him....Romney.

Speaking of Romney - something I hadn't yet heard. His only public service before elected governor was running the 2002 Winter Olympics. Inexperienced much?


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