Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I love nice weather. Spring is just so much better than winter. People that prefer winter are strange. 70-80 degrees is the perfect temperature. Sunny, but not humid. The sunlight is warmer, not cold like it is in the winter, not harsh. And it's not blazing like it is in the summer (which is sometimes nice). Now, if I could only escape from cubeland long enough to enjoy some of the lovely.

L Word
And thus concludes season 4 of the L word. At least it was better than last year. Too bad about Shane and Paige, I liked them together - even though Paige seemed like she was going to eat Shane. Talk about nice sex scene though. I understand the story-line need to intersperse with 50's depictions of the couple, but really it killed a great scene. I'm waiting for someone to splice it all together on YouTube, sin 50's scenes. And how do we feel about the revelation that Papi got down with Carmen? Hmm? Hmm? Will that come back and bite anyone, or is that thinking too much on the long scale? It's called mythology. Anyway, no new episodes until next Jan/Feb, too long. And it all seemed to go by so quickly. I guess in the interim, I will finally watch Season 1 and 2.....

Pottying Puppies
There's nothing worse than waking up to a klaxon alarm, and the stench of doggy diarrhea. I love my puppies. I love my puppies....Dublin still needs to learn to potty outside, and Cinque needs to set a better example. Though most of the times she is a very good dog. And most of the time she holds her diarrhea a really long, impossible time. I guess she just had to go last night. shrug. Don't make it a habit, pup.

Attorney Purge
Remember when I said this would be big? Yeah, it's still big. It's pretty hard to hold the position that there was nothing wrong, illegal or improper about firing 8 US attorneys when all the low level people involved resign or plead the 5th. (and I use the term "low-level" loosely. Specifically, Gonzales' chief of staff resigned and the Department of Justice liaison to the White House is pleading the 5th) Meanwhile, Steven D (Dkos) reasons that she may not be able to plead the 5th, at least for the reasons that her attorney lays out. Check out his diary here, for an excellent run through. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/3/27/7153/12598

Long story, short, even if she does plead 5th, the committee can extend immunity (in one form or the other) and compel her to start frying a bigger fish. Look for this story to continue.... Did I mention that it has come to light that White House staffers (and big wigs, like Karl Rove) were using and RNC server to send sensitive emails that they didn't want in the official record? And that recently Rep Waxman (backed by Spkr Pelosi) have directed the RNC to preserve all emails in case of future subpoena? Oh yes, the plot thickens. Did I mention the possibility that they would have discussed classified information on an unsecured server? I think the Republicans can kill that defenders of National Security label goodbye.

War Funding
Speaker Pelosi got a huge boost last week when the House passed the US Troop Readiness, Veteran's Health and Iraq Accountability Act. The bill expands funding for vets' health care and hospitals, mandates Iraqis meet the benchmarks set by Bush, sets a deadline for the redeployment of US troops and refocuses resources on Afghanistan (Talibanistan - see Time's magazine international cover). Oh, and it also carries over $100 billion in funding that the military needs. Bush can't veto without defunding the war effort. And the DOD says they need the money mid-April, that means the onus is on Senate Republicans and the President to sign off on the money....because the Dems have provided it, they have passed a bill that gives the DOD the money -- the fact that it sets reasonable limits is a pill that the country sees as necessary, and the GOP sees as poison. What do you do, if you are a republican congresscritter? Flip flop, and support troop redeployment, or DON'T support the troops. HAHAHA

Heard about how Iran is ASKING for it? In case you've been living under a rock. Fifteen British sailors and marines were detained by Iran while on patrol off the coast of Iraq. Britain says they were in Iraqi waters. Iranians say they were in Iranian waters. The BBC said that there was satellite imagery that showed that they WERE in Iranian waters, but that information has disappeared from their website. Now Iran has taken the Brits to Tehran and (some say) are planning on trying them for espionage. (Doing that would direct contradict the Geneva convention - uniformed agents cannot be tried of espionage). Meanwhile, Britain says give them back or else. OR ELSE WHAT?! you might ask. This is the perfect excuse for the US to help our ally by taking military action against Iran. Iran has to know this. So, either they think that they call Britain and the US' bluff (and their stock goes up in the mid-east) or they got bombed into submission (and are turned into martyrs.) Sounds like a lose, lose situation for us. Assuming that we cannot work out a diplomatic solution, but really, how good have we been at that lately? Meanwhile, the US is conducting war games in the Gulf with two carrier groups. This is the first time the US has had two carrier groups in the Gulf since the invasion of Iraq. Well gee, US don't exacerbate the situation any. Let's not add to the tension.

An unsourced article in the Russian media has been picked up by the German, Italian and French media. It claims that the US is planning to launch a pre-emptive attack on Iran on April 6th. The US will target 20ish locations and take out much of the Iranian navy....just a little FYI - not sure I believe the story, but keep an eye out the Friday before Easter.


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