Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Per a question in the comments, Tasty remain completely aloof and unperturbed by the new addition to the family. Sometimes Dublin will run up to Tasty but quickly backs down when Tasty just looks at her. Occasionally, Dublin will manage to summon enough courage to chase him into another room, only to be chased back out of the room by the man of the house. And, if Tasty is really annoyed with her, he will pop her on the head a couple of times, claws not extended. Note: Saturday morning, I woke up to Tasty laying by my side, and Dublin laying right next to him - they were touching, and they remained like that for several hours. :)

(I realize that my writing is simplistic and just barely coherent. You must forgive me this morning until I wake up a some - the little one was up until 3AM last night)

The Superbowl. Yeah, that sucked. Even if you were cheering for the Colts, you cannot say that it was a good game. At first, Jen and I thought it was going to be an extremely exciting game (what with the opening kick-off return and the initial fumbles), we thought "hey! wet and wild!", but then it was just sort of down-hill from there. The Bears played horrendously, and the Colts performance was less than stellar. On the whole, the game left me vaguely unsettled.

And the commercials were just as bad. I think I can count on one hand the number of commercials I actually liked: the trippy coke one, letterman & oprah, and I can't think of anymore right now. More on that later.

Jen and I finally watched an Inconvenient Truth on Saturday. Excellent, excellent film. One of my favorite parts was the graph of fuel economy world wide. Some countries mandate 50mgp, we can't seem to get over 25mpg. No wonder US car makers are suffering and can't compete world-wide. You think it would be in their best interest to make their cars more efficient and take a chunk of the global market. Instead, they remain in bed with the oil companies (who are raking in record profits), and shafting US consumers. Other extremely interesting segments: 1) if this glacier or that glacier melts, then ocean levels will go up by 20 ft world-wide. 2) time lapse of all forest fires raging around the globe 3) satellite of Hurricane Katrina picking up strength over the warm waters of the gulf. 4) number of articles in peer reviewed journals that dispute global warming - 0, number of articles in popular media that dispute global warming 50%. All in all, excellent, excellent film and nominated for an Oscar. Note, Gore is witty and clever during his slide-show, none of that wooden-ness that burdened his presidential campaign is there. You can't help but feel that the state of the country would be much improved if this man had been sworn in. I hope he runs for President again, I think he has the the moves, the money and the conviction to get things done, with none of the inexperience, bad votes, and/or lack of focus of the other guys. I'm writing a check the moment he announces. Alot of reliable people say that he will run, and more than one has said he will announce at the Oscars. (He's also up for a Nobel Peace Prize...take that shrub!)
UPDATE: That problem with greenland melting, yeah, here's a pic http://www.neatorama.com/2007/01/16/melting-greenland-ice-sheet/

Also watched GI Jane again. I don't care what anyone says, I like it. And, every time I see it, I want to immediately go to the gym.

Have I mentioned that the new office makes me feel like I'm in an airplane....all the time? Between the color scheme, the low ceilings, the muted light, and muted sound (everything sounds like it sounds when my ears are clogged) - I can't help feel like I'm on an endless flight to nowhere. Now all I need is uniformed flight attendants giving me little glasses of a third of a can of soda. Which is not to say that this place is not better than the warehouse, it most definitely is. After all, I do have a whole cube to myself, well, minus the space the fax machine takes up (the fax machine that they so graciously put in my cube, when there are two completely empty cubes right next to me. grrr).

It was also cold enough today to turn my space heater on. -9 degrees with the windchill.

You can now purchase former missile bases. THey're being billed as the castles of the 20th century. If I had a couple hundred thousand, I would definitely think about getting one of these gigantic spaces. http://www.missilebases.com/

Or, if you wanted to be really tight on space, you could purchase a flat in London for over $300k - the kicker? The space is 7' x 11'. That's right, 77 sq feet. That's $4300/sq ft. (just for shits and giggles, i pay about $.33/sq ft. HAHA Suggestions for making the space livable include making the bathroom entirely a wet room (you see this often in space deprived Japan by putting the sink on top of the toilet tank and the shower head above all of it, and lofting the sleeping space. here are some pictures of the proposed renovation. http://www.flickr.com/photos/simplesimon/sets/72157594514999805/
oh, and here's how the place looks now http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/6287375.stm no lights, and filled with rubble, hot.

UPDATE: Barack Obama (One Million Strong) has reached 221,000 members. They've updated their goals to reach 1,000,000 by April 21st. Like I said earlier, I'm a Gore girl until he says he's not running, then my allegiance is up in the air. But, I would love to see a Gore/Obama ticket, and that would put Obama in a great position to be president in 2016.

And then there's this:
Iran claims to have AIDS cure

They claim that some sort of herbal combination helps to boost the immune system. Now, this would not surprise me all that much. I firmly believe that we should make our way back to herbal remedies and stop trying to focus on one "active" factor in a plant that might fight this or that. Maybe it's that factor combined with dozens of other factors. Just like nutrients in food. The New York Times Magazine had an excellent article last week about the drive to reduce food to nutrients - so that now we concentrate on adding a certain nutrient (omega-3) to lots of different foods, instead of concentrating on eating whole foods that already have the said nutrient and the other nutrients that it needs to be activated. OK - so I didn't explain that well, just go read the article yourself. And bear in mind that you can apply the same thinking to medicine.

A professor of mine at WashU once said that the next great war will not be over oil, but will be over water. here's a glimpse. http://tinyurl.com/39rnb7 here's some more info, and someone with the same line: http://www.healthy-communications.com/waterrunningout.html and the UN predicts the same thing, war over water: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/1999/01/990106075344.htm

also, randomly, Joyce brought me two four packs of "Peels" - her husband works for Anheuser Busch and she thought that I would enjoy them!

Despite the recently release UN report that says that global warming is "unequivocal," my coworker insists that global warming may or may not be going on. I have recommended An Inconvenient Truth. Also, according to a new poll, 84% of Congressional Republicans do NOT believe that humans are causing global warming. 84% 84 FUCKING PERCENT! DO NOT BELIEVE THAT HUMAN ACTIVITY IS CAUSING GLOBAL WARMING. god help us all.


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