Thursday, February 01, 2007

I hate my new hours. 9:30 to 6 is just not as good as I thought it would be. I had planned to continue getting up at the same time, around 6:30 and doing chores, or working out until I had to go to work. But we got our puppy, and though she is very very adorable, her moms don't get any sleep with her bouncing around at all hours. Thus, I sleep until 8, get nothing done, go to work until 6 and don't get home until 6:30. Then, and only then, I start chores, and by the time I get done, it's practically time for bed. Also, though I like going to work when the sun has risen, I hate leaving work when the sun has set - because I have to park in the very far parking lot and walk a distance in the almost complete darkness. grr. i say. grr.

There is an auction on Ebay for the original nintendo, all of the accessories that ever came out for it and all the games every made for it - all in good condtion. Just try and guess what it's going for? If you said $20,000 you are correct. People are nuts. Ebay rules. Other fun ebay auctions.

Super Bowl Tickets: $2500/piece (this is for an auction where bids have been placed)
highest price listed? $6000/piece

Bright Eyes Tickets (Chicago) $120/piece
This auction sucks and this is why. Jen and I wanted to go to this concert and we were all ready on the Ticketmaster website when they were supposed to be available, ready to buy a couple for $40 total. However, at 12pm, noon, when they were supposed to go onsaile and we submitted our order....yeah sold out, with in seconds - if they were ever even available. Then we looked on ebay to find that several tickets had already been up for auction for several days prior to them really becoming available to the public. grrrr.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Prime Minister says that he doesn't want his country to be a proxy battleground for the US and Iran. President Bush, responds, "too bad."

oh and that battle the other day when hundreds of terrorists were killed? A UK newspaper is reporting that the battle was actually a massacre of a nonviolent cult that was fired upon first. So there's that.

Cannabis drug may fight obesity
So if a pharmaceutical company wants to make an appetite suppressant from pot, and make millions of dollars off it it. they can do that. but if a citizen wants to have a smoke to relax, they go to jail. what's wrong with this picture?

The facebook group Barak Obama (one million strong) has grown to 183,000 members. I should also note, that it is growing abt about 10,000 persons a day. I haven't joined because he doesn't one hundred percent have my vote. Though proposing to get all our troops out of Iraq by March 2008 certainly helps.

So you may have noticed that we got another dog. Her name is Dublin and she is 8-weeks old. She is the same breed mix as Cinque and likes to chew on everything. She enjoys making Cinque grumble, keeping her moms up at night and pottying inappropriately (though she has been getting better about this). She also enjoys learning new tricks. To date, she knows "no" (an extremely important command), "come," "sit," and sortof "shake." Good girl. pictures will be forthcoming.

this is cool - mini printer

oh and KO has another great commentary over at


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