Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hmm... I said that I would not discuss the happenings of "24," but I do have some questions. Where will the show go now that they've set off nuclear weapons, - I mean you can only get so catastrophic, what do you do after that? How does Fayed think he's going to set off four more if his nuclear expert was killed? How is Jack Bauer not going to die - if you're close enough to see the mushroom cloud, you're pretty much dead from radiation...the whole civil liberties debate is sort of put by the wayside here, wouldn't the prez declare martial law? also, the prez's sister should have a secret service detail, like whoa. so where are they? (CORRECTION: ok, apparently, considering the size of the nuke: everything in a .12 mile radius would be incinerated, everything in a 1 mile radius would see some to moderate damage, everything in a .7 mile radius would experience at least 1st degree burns, and only those in a half mile radius would received a lethal dose of radiation - so jack bauer probably not with the dying - but, his cell should have been knocked out...) (UPDATE: for a map of what would happen go here:,34.05889&yd=1&z=3 zoom in! - god bless the internet. here's a fun tool to look up your latitude/longitude:

Sec Def Gates at NATO says "The Iranians clearly believe that we're tied down in Iraq; that they have the initiative, that they are in a position to press us in many ways," Gates said. "They are doing nothing to be constructive in Iraq at this point." HMMM - I'd say the difference between what the Iranians believe and what we believe is that the Iranians know the reality. We ARE tied down in Iraq. They DO have the initiative. They ARE in a position to press us in many ways. I don't know if you noticed Sec Gates, I don't know if you noticed.

*NBC Chicago says Obama will run - and will files papers this week. Oprah still has no listing for tomorrow...will obama formally announce on oprah tomorrow? we will see. UPDATE: Obama announces on his website:

Meanwhile, they continue to hang former Saddam officials. They said that the hangings after Saddam would be dignified and humane, except the next one they carried out? yeah, his head popped off. real dignified.'

ugh, speaking of hanging, it looks like one of the most brutal methods of capital punishment

Fifty active-duty officers will deliver an appeal for redress on behalf of nearly 1000 active duty soldiers to Congress - asking that they pull out of Iraq and send the troops home.

Russian Ex-PM alleges that Saddam's execution was rushed to prevent the full extent of his dealings with the US from coming out.

Algae gel to combat HIV
How is this not major news?

I 100% hate when someone calls, it's another customer service rep and they fail to tell me that they have a customer on the line. Normally they call, chat with me for a second, and then bring the caller over. That would save everyone from saying embarrassing things about the customer, not knowing that they are on the line.

Oh! I almost forgot, after four months of not going, I finally started using my gym membership, by, you guessed it, going to the gym! My legs are sore and it feels great. So take that Golds! No more taking my money and giving nothing back!

Also, it's really effing cold today. But, surprisingly the warehouse is a tolerable temperature...granted I'm wearing soccer socks and running tights, but tolerable nonetheless.

This is part of the reason that attacking Iran would be a bad idea. They're getting weapons from Russia - surface-to-air, anti-aircraft missile systems. See, Russia and Iran are friends and Russia gets lots and lots of oil from Iran, oil they can't afford to lose. oh yeah, and they're selling weapons to Iran, then again, so are we - sure, illegally, but it doesn't stop them from getting parts for their fleet of F-14s.....

oh, and saudi arabia might send troops:

oh and speaking of IRAN, now a major banking firm, a kuwaiti newspaper and a russian admiral all think that the US is planning to attack Iran in the next couple of months. hot.

oh, and iran shot down a US spy plane.


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Hey there,

Just thought I'd let you know that thanks to some sleuthing by Google Earth fans who checked the "satellite footage" on 24, we know exactly where it went off. So a better link would be:,34.425286&yd=1&z=3

As you say-- God bless the Internet!

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