Thursday, February 08, 2007

I got the below email the other day. Two questions, 1) who fucking ratted on us? 2) why would you fucking do that? Live and fucking let live, morons. I don’t walk into your cube to see what you’re doing. So, just because you can walk through our space, don’t think you can tell my boss what we’re up to. Asshole.


It was mentioned to me, by someone outside our team, that they saw people on the team talking to clients and on the internet at the same time. You know I am pretty flexible in my internet policy, but one thing I can’t be flexible about is using the internet while talking to clients.

Even if the question is basic and you have answered it 100 times before, you should not be accessing the internet, playing games, etc. while talking to a client. They must come first and we must give every impression of their coming first. I do not want anyone to doubt where our focus is while helping clients.

Please ensure that while on a call all non-work related internet windows are minimized or closed. Please ensure that only tools needed for the call are on your screen.

I am completely confident that we are all doing our best for the client. We know we have down times and I have no problem with the internet. Let’s just make sure that no one can question us or our ability to perform our jobs.

Thanks for your help with this!!


Supervisor, Client Support”


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