Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I hate people that take the elevator one floor. Especially when there are stairs to the first floor right after you walk in the front door, the elevator is 200 hundred feet beyond the door. So that person, who was too lazy to take the stairs, walked an extra 200 feet out of their way, to take the elevator. And then I have to wait while the elevator stops at the first floor, and sometimes the second or third floor, and then get out at the fourth floor. I too, would take the stairs, but those stairs by the front doors, only go to the first floor. I have yet to figure out where the other stairs are in this building. I imagine that does not bode well for me in the event of an emergency.

Also I punched Jordan in the face on Saturday night. Moose did too. And Jen E punched him in the stomach. I think he's fine. After we punched him, he showed us the male version of the yoga position "up facing dog." Apparently boys call it "find the hole." I thought a good description was "hump a ho." At any rate, I think he's fine. And that has just been confirmed. It's ok everyone, Jordan IS fine. Your future babies will still have a sperm donor.

I also hate looking for apartments. Boo.

I do like Family Guy. Especially the episode where they go to the beer factory. That episode gave rise to this classic song:
" Chumba wumba gobbledy goo
Life isn't fair Its sad but its true
Chumba wumba gobbledy gee
When your poor legs are stiff as a tree
What do you do when your stuck in a chair?
Finding it hard to go up and down stairs
What do you think of the one you call god?
Isn't his absence slightly odd?
Maybe he's forgotten you
Chumba wumba gobbledy gorse
Count yourself lucky your not a horse
They would turn you into dog food
Or into chumba wumba gobbledy glue "

What a brilliant show. I just saw the Family Guy movie last night and it had me ROLLING on the floor.

Also, I made the mistake of entering a bookstore last night and walked away with $100 in books. Whoops. Bookstores are dangerous, dangerous places. I bought four books, Jen bought a book and three magazines (and one was career research- Curve) - so, not bad for what we paid. I thought that I just had to have: "Bait and Switch," "Blowback," "The Elegant Universe," and something like "Too Many Choices. I can't deny it, I just fucking love to read. And it's just not the same borrowing from the library. Books should be owned.

And the weather is amazing. 70s today and tomorrow. And the temps not dipping lower than 50 degrees (daytime). I think spring is finally here and 70 degrees is just about the most perfect of temperatures. I can't wait for lazy weekend days lying in the sun. Reading (yes, reading) in the park. Warm thunderstorms and slip-sliding in the mud. Long summer nights spent talking in the park with a bottle of wine....

In other news:Alberto Gonzales is a liar.
Dick Cheney is a liar.
George W Bush is a liar.

Seven US Attorneys were fired from their positions on the orders of Karl Rove. Gonzales testified to Congress that he would never allow politics to interfer with the handling of the Department of Justice -- LIAR. It looks increasingly like the US Attorneys were fired for political reasons, ie they were investigating Republican officials for, what else, corruption. Look for this story to get bigger and bigger.

Scooter Libby was convicted on four of the five charges against him. You might remember that the charges against Libby were the only ones to stem from Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation into the leak of the then covert CIA agent, Valerie Plame in an effort to discredit outspoken war critic Joe Wilson. NO further charges have been brought against Rove or Cheney even though it is pretty clear that they were the leakers. Disclosing the identity of an undercover agent is a crime and it is unclear how many lives they put in danger when they outed her. NOTE: Bush said, in reference to a different case, that he would fire and have prosecuted anyone that leaked vital information during a war. This doesn't seem to apply to people in his own administration. Look for Bush to pardon Scooter Libby before he gives up Rove and Cheney.

Troops are being sent into battle without the proper equipment and training. They are being sent even though they are "medically unfit for duty" as diagnosed by their doctors. They are being sent into battle even though their wounds prevent them from wearing body armor. They are being stripped of their disability ratings when they are injured. Soldiers are killing themselves because they are not getting the help that they need. Their families are being torn apart. Their commanders are not held responsible. George Bush doesn't support the troops. George W Bush is a liar.

Speaking of supporting the troops. If you are driving around in your giant SUV, despite that magnetic ribbon that proclaims that you support the troops, you aren't. We can support the troops by cutting oil consumption - so that no president ever again will be tempted to invade another country to secure more oil. NO more blood for oil. You CAN support the troops by taking the $3 that you spent on that car decal and use it to buy a care package to send to the troops. Go here - http://www.anymarine.com/ - and send a package to the troops.

Instead of listening to FOX news rant about how democrats "don't support the troops" - write your congresscritter to make sure that both parties are doing everything they can to support to support our KIDS over there. It's ok to hate the war. And it's possible to hate the war and not the troops. DO NOT be sucked into an argument about how protesting the war hurts the troops. PEACE IS PATRIOTIC.

Oh yeah, and the troops aren't stupid - they know that we want them to come home, they want to come home too. They don't feel undermined or demoralized when they hear the news reported that the public wants them home. Or the Dems want to give them more armor, or more training, or more supplies. They are demoalized when they hear that their brethren are sleeping in their own urine, that vets are getting the benefits cut, that their Commander in Chief, defying all logic, and reason wont' bring them home and just keeps sending more and more on a fool's errand. A fool's errand that gets them blown up. SUPPORT THE TROOPS, IMPEACH BUSH.

UPDATE: US Army Surgeon General resigned today.Boxing.

I resumed boxing on Saturday night....drunk. The full impact of that experience did not hit me until this morning when I came to work completely sore and barely able to move. My ribs hate me....and Jen E's roundhouse.


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