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I chose to take a casual day today because I just don't care. And, if challenged I will offer up one of my many "Casual Day Coupons." What are we in second grade? I get these things when I do something for someone, help them out etc. Casual Days and Free Lunches. Now, I like casual days (though it doesn't mean so much to me now that my boss has said, essentially, that as long as I don't do it EVERY day, I can have a casual day pretty much anytime I want - which is often), and like like free lunches (though I don't so much eat at the cafeteria anymore, because my coworkers don't get back in time - we can only have one person gone at a time, and the person before me is always late, and the cafeteria does close.), but what I would prefer is cold hard cash. Now my company does have a program where you can reward your co-workers with points on their incentive card (which works just about everywhere) but, since I am a lowly temp, that program does not apply to me. Thus all the casual day coupons and free lunches. Thanks guys. Oh and health insurance, as a temp, I don't have that either.

I hate when people call and ask me about something, then, I tell them the answer and they are completely confused. They explain again, I tell them the same thing. Then they put someone else on the phone, and they explain more clearly. I realize that they shouldn't even be talking to me, but should be talking to another department and transfer. But, if they had just been clear in the first place, then no one's time would have been wasted. So don't fucking get mad at me. Thanks, love Jalynn.

Monkey still with the diarrhea. Lovely.

Senator John McCain is a douche bag. He thinks that it would be perfectly safe for an American to take a stroll through some neighborhoods in Baghdad...unarmed and unescorted. Uh, yeah, right. No fucking way, man! Have you seen the news reports coming out of Baghdad, even if the main stream media doesn't cover them. Just look at the body counts in the paper everyday. Then read the report out of the BBC that the UK has determined that the Lancet study that said that 650,000 civilians had been killed during the occupation, is completely valid, and probably understates the fatalities. (This would mean that on average, 500 civilians are killed every day.) Check out that report and tell me that you would go walking through Baghdad. In fact, don't tell me about it. Fucking go over there, shed all your security personnel, and just stroll around. If you don't get shot by roving bands of militia men, and gangs, you'll probably be shot by a US soldier, or security contractor. So don't say that it's safe in some neighborhoods of Baghdad. And don't then lie about saying that you ever said it. Your presidential hopes are over.

To track the probability of current events, you might try Its set up like a stock market. You buy and sell shares of the yes/no chance of something happening. For instance, will the 2008 Dem Presidential Nominee be xx; will Gonzales resign in march 07? will xx be kicked off of American Idol tonight? That sort of thing. Now you might think that this is just like a poll. But, the beauty is that you can actually buy and sell shares - it's all based on points, one point equals $.10 - so, for example 2008 Dem Nominee = Gore is trading at right around 10 points, $1. If you buy it at 10 points, and he is the nominee, it closes at 100 points - you make $9. So, people have money involved, incidentally, they make better predictions. Intrade users accurately predicted the change over of the House and Senate, and several individual races.

Ok, let's get to the good stuff:

2008 Dem Nominee
Clinton - 47.9 (+.1)
Obama - 27.2 (-1.2)
Edwards - 7.2 (-.5)
Gore - 10.6 (+.1)

People are still saying that Gore will run, and that he may announce as late as Sept 07. Note, not only is Intrade saying that Gore will run, they're saying that there is a 1 in 10 chance that he'll win the nomination. I think, if he runs, he wins.

2008 GOP Nominee
Giuliani - 40.3 (0)
McCain - 20.3 (-3.3)
Romney - 16.2 (0)

As I mentioned, McCain is on the way down, and so is Romney (not shown here). Giuliani is not an acceptable candidate for a majority of social conservatives. Look for a dark house candidate to at the very least, make a play for the nomination, if not outright win it. And that candidate could be Law and Order's own Fred Thompson - he gets 12% of a recent Gallup/USA today poll. (Romeny got 3%) And as Jen says about Thompson - "he's conservative as fuck" (though, incidentally, the conservatives don't very much believe in fucking, one wishes that they would either a) stop fucking altogether and not produce anymore of the fuckers of b) fuck more and lighten up.

UPDATE: Focus on the Family's Dobson doesn't think that Thompson is Christian enough.

UPDATE 2: Rasmussen just released a poll showing that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich garners 11%.(He could be the dark horse, but he has problems in his personal life that should make it hard for social conservatives to support him.) Romney gets 8% Thompson was not included, but will be included next week.

Airstrike on Iran
March 07 - 2.0 (0)
June 07 - 15.6 (+5)
Sept 07 - 16.0 (+4.5)
Dec 07 - 23.1 (+6.2)

Hmm general trend towards bombing Iran. Look for these numbers to shoot up, if Iran doesn't release those 15 British sailors. Word has it that they are releasing the only female sailor today or tomorrow. And it's pretty much been shown that the sailors were in Iraqi waters, and that Iran is, as mentioned yesterday, ASKING for it.

UPDATE: CNN is reporting that an Iranian admiral is claiming that the US is NOT in fact conducting military exercises in the Gulf. And really, is there any way for us to know?

Gonzales Resigns
Dec 07 - 66.0

Yeah he's out of here...Kossaks overwhelmingly think that he will not last until the middle of April - I tend to agree. Intrade pegs his leaving before June 07 at 55.0.

Meanwhile....back at the University.... Sam Fox Arts Center...financed by Missouian Sam Fox. Sam Fox was nominated by President Bush to the position of ambassador and plenipotentiary (i get excited when i get you use big and relatively obscure words, especially when you have to use the big word, because it has a precise meaning. Plenipotentiary: a person, especially a diplomatic agent, invested with full power and authority to transact business on the behalf of another.) of the United States to Belgium. Unfortunately for Sam (and fortunately for us), due to outrage over his involvement with the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth, he has withdrawn his bid. HAHAHA - that's what you get for financing a group that told outright lies, and was then hit with the largest election law fine ever. Liars don't get to be ambassadors. There's a new sheriff in town. Oh, and the juiciest bestest part? Senator Kerry was the one that got to question Fox at his confirmation hearing. How delicious....and Kerry made him his bitch. reports that one of the rarest weather patterns has been photographed on Saturn. The formation is at the North Pole and is in the shape of a hexagon. Yes. A hexagon.

"This is a very strange feature, lying in a precise geometric fashion with six nearly equally straight sides," said Kevin Baines, atmospheric expert and member of Cassini's visual and infrared mapping spectrometer team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. "We've never seen anything like this on any other planet. Indeed, Saturn's thick atmosphere, where circularly-shaped waves and convective cells dominate, is perhaps the last place you'd expect to see such a six-sided geometric figure, yet there it is."

Oh, and just to put your tiny Earth into perspective - the formation is 15,000 miles in diameter - four Earths could fit inside it. Also, the formation goes down into the atmosphere 60 miles. It is a 15k mile wide and 60 mile deep hexagon. All I can say is WTF mate?

Here's some amusing cartoons.

I like this one best.

I broke down and bought Swords and Sandals II - the full version. I first encountered s&s at the old building, so at least four months ago. Basically, you are a gladiator. You fight battles, buy armor and weapons and gain experience. The more experience you get, the better stuff you can buy, the bigger baddies you play. I'll admit it. It's addictive. However, version one was a little too formulaic, and you didn't have too many options.

Version 2 is much better, gameplay is more involved, and you have much more leeway. Also there's magic, the first version had no magic. But, because they've moved to making money from their game-writing skills, you can only play the second version as a demo version and that means no SAVE option.

This sucks because you spend hours and hours building up your character only to have him smoked by some guy that hits you for 700 points in one blow. And you thought your lvl 12 armor class would save you. (I told Jen that this smacks very strongly of Dungeons and Dragons, but she insists it's different :)

At any rate, payment was finally process and when I go home tonight, games will be played, characters will be saved and games will be beat. IF you want to start a new addiction:


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Thank you for linking to my site.


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Ja Lynn, you rock my socks. This is the best post in a long while, and I've been waiting. Please keep it up.

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Blogger Roko said...

<advocatus diaboli> If someone says "sign this paper or I'm going to shoot you in the head" you still have a choice, just not a feasible one. Perhaps Bush sees a defined withdrawal date as the same as a bullet to the head.</advocatus diaboli>

That said, I say the following (with thanks to my brother, Sarge): What we are doing in Iraq right now is obviously not working. We need to either break the back of the population and crush the insurgency, public opinion be damned OR we need to just cut our losses and pull out, knowing and accepting that Iraq is going to be Somalia 2.0. I haven't yet decided which is the less terrible option.

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