Wednesday, May 02, 2007

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Yeah, that's our dear President on an aircraft carrier, under a mission accomplished sign, declaring the end to all major combat operations in Iraq. That was four years and 3,351 lives ago. And he's going to veto the funding for the troops because he's a wanker.

What would you do if there was a draft, and you were drafted?

I only ask because a top Army general recently said that the Army needs 65,000 troops yesterday. The only way I can see to get those troops would be to institute the draft. And there's a bill already in place ... HR 393 - Draft reinstatement bill. It specifies all US citizens and those residing in the US, ages 18-42 perform a two-year period of national service, either in the armed forces of a civilian component dedicated to national defense. There are no deferments after age 20. In times of national emergency, at the direction of the government, everyone in their two years can be called up for active combat service. And all the ladies wondering about being drafted in to the armed forces, it amends the Military Selective Service Act so that you can.

Read more about the proposed bill here. Currently it languishes in a subcommittee. But you can't tell me that if all of the sons and daughters of ALL Americans were subject to going to the meat grinder in Iraq that the Administration would not end this war immediately. And if they didn't, I think it would provide enough motivation for Congress to impeach the S.O.B.

And how about Prince Harry? He's going off to war. He's well connected enough that he wouldn't have to, and yet, he wants to serve his country despite death threats. So instead of playing it safe, like say, oh George Bush, Prince Harry is a tank commander headed for the most dangerous place in the world. That's honor, that's bravery, that's service. That's putting your money(or your youth) where your mouth is.

Meanwhile back to fairyland....Gonzales is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee again this Friday - Happy Birthday to me! And Senator Leahy is not HAPPY. Because it seems that Gonzales failed to mention a memo that he signed giving two underlings the power to hire and fire US Attorneys at will. Underlings - that don't have more than a couple of cases between the two of them. Underlings - running the US Department of Justice. Yeah, the senator was not at all happy. especially ebcause the memo wasn't included in teh documents that the DOJ released to the committee....someone is hiding.....i expect him to have many many choice worlds for gonzales. He's lasted this long, but I expect that he is on his way out.


Blogger Roko said...

I have to say, ignoring everything else, I have to agree with allowing women to be drafted. If men and women are to get equal rights, they ought to get equal responsibilities, up to and including dying for their country.

That said, I don't like the idea of a draft OR national civil service. No free man should be forced to perform a service against his will; taxes are bad enough.

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