Monday, June 25, 2007

I have been a terrible person, what with not every updating anymore. I have no real explanation for my long absence, other than I was burned out. I had (and have) been reading so much about politics and the world, I was just too sick to write too. Thus adventures time was taken over by my new hobby of chainmail making, of other website surfing, of reading, anything but writing at adventures. That was very bad of me, because I have missed it.

I have thought to myself, on occasion, "i should write about that", like how i always get a chuckle when reporters say "sunni on sunni" or "shia on shia" it's just a little to close to "girl on girl"....and yet I have not written about it. That will stop. I think I can manage to post at least once a week - so fear not adventurers. I have returned, and hopefully I won't be disappearing anytime soon... on to the updates!

Work news:My boss today told me that I should have my resume to her in the morning and that it was just a formality, so I think that means that they might actually, for real, hire me soon. This means for me, retirement plans, insurance, eligibility for bonuses, maybe a raise, a different schedule, etc. Incidentally, the entire team might be moving to different positions within the company, making me the senior client support rep - that alone should get me a raise, because they won't be paying out everyone else's salary from this sections payroll - and I have been here for almost a year, and I was here for 6 months before that too. I think I definitely deserve the MOST that they will pay me...

Meanwhile, I got really and stupidly sunburned on Father's Day on account of going out on the river and not thinking that I needed any sunscreen. I promptly fell asleep on the boat and awake with a mighty sunburn. You know it's bad when your forearms get sunburned. You know it's bad when you get chills for three days. You know it's bad when you look purple. Note to self: wear sunscreen.

I saw an excellent concert in chicago two weeks ago. Check them out, both the opener Smoosh and the main event The Pipettes. Smoosh is a pair of sisters on the keyboard and drums. The keyboardist is 15 and the drummer is 13. They are excellent. The drummer does not stop grinning the entire time, and she is GOOD. You will find yourself grinning along with her.

The Pipettes are a three female singers backed by a four piece band. They do 50's style music and dancing and wear variations of the same dress. their songs will get in your head and never leave. Look out for "We are the Pipettes" and check them out if they get within 300 miles of St. Louis What else?

Gray Matters came out on DVD the other day, I know Katie will be thrilled. Using our shiny new Blockbuster online membership, we were able to take one of our mailed movies and return it to the store for a free movie rental, and thus we rented Gray Matters. Despite being incredibly awkward at times, along with hitting you over the head with public service announcements, I liked it - and found myself, at times, laughing out loud. But I still like Imagine Me and You, better. This could be because IMY had better actresses, and Gray Matters had Heather Graham. Shrug. I like to see mainstream gay movies - and like to see them have three shelves at Blockbuster. Go gay movies. Heard about any new ones that are in production?

I love Afterellen is the special place I go to when I'm sick of political news, or random news, and I just need some quality gay. on to the news in a nutshell:

Iraq - still blows (up. quite literally)Yeah, we're still there. Still getting blownup. Still not helping matters. But, conservative pundits and Bushie insist that we should know if the splurge has worked by september, why will they know in september, no one seems to know. Meanwhile, the Iraqi Congress is planning on taking a two month vacation while we continue to, oh, get blown up. Thanks guys. But, not to worry Dear Mr. President, they plan on passing the "oil revenue sharing plan" before they go. It seems like that plan would be good for Iraq, but in reality the only people that it's good for is the big oil companies. no surprise there.

Alberto Gonzales - still thereDespite the continuing scandal, the AG refuses to leave and Bush refuses to fire him. He's now been implicated in trying to coach a witness, trying to get the signature of an incapacitated man to authorize an illegal program, and repeatedly lying under oath to Congress. And yet, he refuses to leave. Expect this story to have legs well into July, former White House consul Harriet Miers and Rove deputy Sara Taylor have both been subpoenaed to testify early that month. I'm buying popcorn.

Presidential Race 2008 - still early

Romney - also hanging in there, polls around 10% though, intrade puts his support at 20%

McCain - somehow holding on. even though national polls now peg him at about 10%

Giuliani - he's seen gains over the past few weeks,but has lost frontrunner status nationally - 27% intrade 29%

Thompson - hasn't quite gotten into the race yet, but the GOP think they've found their man, stripped Giulinai of his FR status nationally - 28% intrade 30%

Clinton - going strong, holds a 10% lead over her nearest competitor nationally, and 20% intrade

Obama - flubbed an attack on clinton, came off looking like the bad guy, 29% intrade 27% national

Edwards - having trouble catching up, nationally 16%, intrade only pegs him at 5%

Gore - hasn't entered, still a rockstar, some national polls have him defeating all GOP challengers, intrade puts him at 10% look for a boost from Live Earth on 7/7

Bloomberg - just switched to Independent, could very well make a well-financed 3rd party run. do not be fooled and do not vote for this man, switched to GOP when it was convenient, supported BUSH and the Iraq debacle.

meanwhile, there was that whole missile defense thing in europe. basically we want to put missiles in old soviet satalities and point the missiles at Iran. Russia isn't too keen on this plan because we'd be putting missiles on their doorstep. cue bush throwing a hissy fit.

Palestine is now Palestine and the Islamic republic of Palestine.

And cheney thinks that he is now the FOURTH branch of the government


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