Tuesday, August 26, 2008


PUMA - "Party Unity My Ass" - is a group of "die hard" HIllary fans that disagree with the nomination of Obama - believing that it was stolen from their candidate and actively working towards electing Hillary in 2012. 2012. which would mean that Obama would have to lose the election in 2008. These PUMA members have suggested that they may even vote for John McCain.

Repeat after me. If you are a "die hard" Hillary fan, if you are a professed Democrat, you cannot vote for John McCain. If you do, you are NOT a "die hard" Hillary fan, you are not a life-long democrat. Once a candidate is nominated, you get behind the nominee. Once your defeated candidate endorses the nominee, you get behind the nominee.

Saying that you are die-hard clinton fan, and then saying that you'll vote for the GOP candidate over the Dem is ridiculous. it just does not compute. at all.

meanwhile, americablog reports that mccain is not holding even a significant lead in his home state. He's up by only 6%. In contrast, Obama leads in IL by 15%. Um, yeah.

meanwhile, back at the batcave. McCain threw out his POW status AGAIN, to negate his housing gaffe, this time on Jay Leno. Will this man never stop? We get it, you were a POW. Congrats. However, it does not excuse cheating on your first wife. it does not explain why you don't know how many houses you have. it does not give you an special knowledge on foreign policy. and it does not entitle you to the presidency.


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